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1/21/13 5:03:06PM
A Monday report indicates that Fox is busy with a major re-branding effort intended to ax sports from FX, and relaunch the Speed Channel and Fuel TV.

1/21/13 5:19:14PM
With no more fx shows
I wonder if Ufc increases fuel tv shows significant
Or increase ppv this year will maybe even the return of
A free ppv number event on fuel tv
1/21/13 5:33:14PM
Great, because that won't make things any less confusing
1/21/13 5:36:17PM
The UFC can't dig this. At least in my area anyhow less people have Speed than have FX and even less have FUEL. In my area FX is on basic cable, Speed is on semi basic and FUEL is part of a separate sports package. Unless they move "Fox Sports 1 and 2" to basic cable channels which I doubt they will, far less people will be able to view the UFC.
1/21/13 5:51:18PM
You are right. I do pay a extra package for fuel
Just for Ufc. Not much though like 3 extra bucks a month
1/21/13 5:52:26PM
Probably a good decision in the long run.
1/21/13 5:58:45PM
I believe this is a bad decision on FOX, FX is already established in almost all TV basic cable. FX is the only channel (Besides FOX main channel) that can rival with Spike new MMA fights from Bellator.

This situation can prove to advantage for Bellator and Spike TV, and a disadvantage for UFC in TV rating and attracting new causal MMA fans.

Btw Will FOX put TUF series on Fox sports channel or will FOX leave them on FX in the future ?

1/21/13 5:59:07PM
Does this mean the end of TUF? Hopefully.

I don't have Fuel and hate watching on the crappy streams.
1/21/13 10:01:11PM
Well I get Speed currently and don't get Fuel i welcome this move in a selfish way.

What I thought worked best was putting the UFC on a channel that had the right demographics - young males...something like 18-35. That's where Spike seemed to be a good fit. I'm not sure whether the UFC perceives "Fox Sports 1" as the same demographic "fit" so-to-speak.
1/21/13 10:31:41PM
That would make for seven fox channels where I live. Fox, fx, fox deportes, fox sports west 1 and fox sports west 2 are all already on basic, non-digital cable.

If these new channels were on basic cable nationwide though, with a similar if not greater reach than fx, I'd be all for it.

Oh and if they start playing entire cards, that would be great. Fuel plays old fights all fucking day, don't put six fights on facebook and then six on fuel.... No reason not to put all 10-12 on there.

1/22/13 1:41:12AM
noooo i get FX for free
1/22/13 5:18:21AM
I don't get speed or fuel............
Yo ho,yo ho, a pirates life for me.
1/22/13 6:19:52AM
This is beyond lame.

I don't get fuel nor speed
1/22/13 12:35:37PM
FX with its shows and sports was the best cable network. Luckily I have SPEED but no FUEL.
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