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3/6/12 4:41:57PM
The pre-fight press conference for the next show on "big Fox" was today. Let's compare notes, shall we?

I was surprised at the amount of hometown love Jim Miller got. Or rather, the amount he didn't get. I don't know if Jersey can only back one guy per weight class, but he did not seem to have an overwhelming amount of supporters. That sucked. Hopefully he gets a better turnout for the fight itself. Jim seems like a good dude, always respectful, always complimentary. He's as much a class act as he is a good fighter. That's why he's one of my favorites, and why I am so bummed he's fighting Nate.

Speaking of Nate Diaz, he was consistently the crowd favorite. Those present seem to cheer his every word, which were characteristically few. Nate did seem very well spoken and on point today.

Pat Barry was Pat Barry, which is always fun in my book.

Josh Koscheck still seems to be in the running for biggest douchebag alive. I thought I was coming around with Josh lately, but after this conference I reminded that I was not, nor was I ever. Typical condescending garbage from Kos. He almost seemed to pay a compliment to Hendricks regarding his NCAA accomplishments, but that's about it.

Hendricks came across well, and the crowd seemed really geeked for his fight with Kos. But then, who isn't? Hendricks was also typical "Happy Bearded Guy", a positive, respectful cat.

Lavar Johnson seemed to do real well with the media as well. He didn't have as many questions, but the ones he got he answered well. He had his sports cliches handbook in his back pocket, no doubt.

Alan Belcher didn't get too much attention, and his opponent Rousimar Palhares couldn't get a visa to go the press conference. It was revealed by Belcher though, that he turned down another fight. Joe Silva apparently said "There is no one else unless you want to fight Palhares". Belcher said he asked for the fight at that point. The Talent said no one wants to fight Palhares (I believe it) and that he doesn't want any tune up fights. He must have meant after Jason MacDonald, but I let him slide with that comment. He has the ol' "repeatedly detaching retina" card.

Dana didn't really break any big news today that I recall. He seemed to reiterate that Diaz-Miller was the #1 contender fight. He stated he wasn't sure what the implications were with winner of the Hendricks-Kos fight.
3/6/12 7:24:00PM
so who did Belcher turn down a fight w/? or did i read that incorrectly?
3/6/12 10:59:26PM

Posted by Poor_Franklin

so who did Belcher turn down a fight w/? or did i read that incorrectly?

Amazingly, in spite of my early morning grammar, you did read that correctly. Belcher turned down a fight before he accepted the Palhares fight.

Neither Belcher nor Dana suggested who Belcher declined to fight, but it makes me wonder. Who do you turn down, the go fight Palhares?

The Talent must not have been kidding about wanting tough fights...
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