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11/12/11 5:29:35AM
I dont know if I have worked it out wrong ( as I live in a different time zone) but if my math is right, the count down clock stops at 10PM UK time and 5PM ET.

The prelims on FB start at 9:45PM Uk time and 4:45PM.

If I'm right that means the first pick would be invalid, can anyone else please confirm if my math is right or wrong.
11/12/11 6:44:50AM
I don't use Fagbook but the televised card starts 4 hours after the countdown ends so unless the prelims are insanely long I can't see it overlapping.
11/12/11 6:47:16AM
There are 9 prelims.
11/12/11 8:30:10AM
You're right Rabi, the card locks 15 minutes after the fights are supposed to start. They usually end up pushing them back though so maybe that will happen again today.
11/12/11 8:32:35AM
But if they don't we will lose a fight! I hope the admin can change the countdown clock!
11/12/11 10:22:02AM
Ya eveytime they say prelims start at a certain time they end up pushing it back half an hour or so a couple hours before its to start.
11/12/11 11:22:49AM
Ssshhhh we should have just edited picks in fight like I heard people used to be able to!
11/12/11 11:50:32AM
Thanks for the heads up. It's fixed.
11/12/11 11:51:43AM
Nice one, thanks Fleek!
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