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12/27/11 8:23:57AM
Hey guys, just wondering the outcome or the point of Demian Maia fighting Michael Bisping at the end of January on Fox. With Chael Sonnen and Mark Munoz fighting that same night for the number one contender spot against possibly the Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva. My question is that if Either Bisping or Maia were to win the bout, where does it put them in the division and who would they fight next as Chael/Munoz are the only other two MW's who have a credible case for a title shot against Silva, and they fight that same night which ultimately will move the winner in line and the loser back down the chart. Bisping vs Maia Seems to be a non mover in the sense that the winner wont be climbing the MW ladder in victory ???

12/27/11 1:18:06PM
winner gets the loser of sonnen/munoz fight would only make sense if bisping won and sonnen lost due to the fact that munoz already beat maia and sonnen hasnt fought bisping yet. i think the ufc is probably giving bisping another fight to make up for that lackluster performance in his last fight with mayhem. not an exciting fight for me at all though. cant wait for sonnen vs munoz though.
12/27/11 1:39:10PM
Well if ole uncle Chael is being serious when he said he doesn't care about Anderson anymore, then it might not even matter who wins or loses that fight(in the sense of MW's). Personally I see a decision in the Munoz/Sonnen fight, though I cannot decide on a winner. I truly believe Maia will submit Bisping, the only way Bisping wins this is if he peppers Maia up like he did to Miller, or a dancing decision. I would love to see Maia/Munoz (if that hasn't already happened), Munoz/Bisping, or Bisping/Sonnen. Either way, of these guys, only 2 of them are MW's left in that division that Silva hasn't beat, so with wins, I believe a title fight would be inevitable.

Chael should move to LHW......see how he does against, Machida, Rashad, Rampage(trash talk would be epic)....I as well am tired of the Sonnen/Silva rematch talk....shit or get off the pot.
12/27/11 4:00:39PM
I think chael will school munoz in a decision but outwrestling, outgrappling and outstriking him. I just think he's just the better all around technical fighter but munoz has that crazy retard power so you cant sleep on him.

Bisping/Maia is in interesting fight because once it hits the ground bisping either going to sleep or getting a limb ripped off but bisping could outbox him, bisping doesnt have the power to finish though. Just interesting because it the best fighter bisping has ever fought besides hendo and wandy at MW. His record has been padded alot so here we will see if he's the real deal. I hope maia puts him to sleep However if bisping wins hed probably be a fight or 2 away from a title shot since he's British. If maia wins hell still be 2 or three big fights away after having loss to munoz recently unless munoz beats sonnen to get that title shot then maia gets closer since the loss looks better.
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