UFC on FOX 5's Nate Diaz on possible title: 'Maybe it's my turn'

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12/1/12 4:42:20PM
Nate Diaz probably isn't apathetic. That wouldn't be the right word, necessarily.

You don't become a No. 1 contender for a UFC title by not caring. More accurately, the vibe he has typically given off is one of not caring what you think or what anyone else thinks.

Not about his attitude. Not about his fighting style. Certainly not about titles and accolades.

But is that all about to change?

12/1/12 6:19:50PM
No matter who wins, I'll be happy.
12/1/12 6:38:11PM
I want Diaz to win. But wrestlers have had there way
Bendo can keep him down
12/1/12 6:58:45PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

I want Diaz to win. But wrestlers have had there way
Bendo can keep him down

i agree, plus bendo has great sub defense. i dont want diaz to to win though. only one time did i want to see a diaz brother win and that was nick vs paul daley
12/1/12 7:28:18PM
War Nate Diaz
12/2/12 8:06:04AM
Benson kind of loses his game when he's frustrated, if Nate can pressure him like he did Cerone, and keep it mostly on the feet, he has a good chance.
12/2/12 12:05:53PM

Posted by Budgellism

War Nate Diaz

12/2/12 1:00:35PM
anybody want to do an avatar bet? ill take bendo
12/2/12 3:01:05PM
I really like Diaz in this fight, and I'll admit it's based on the recent performances of each of these guys.

Diaz looked sterling against Gomi, Cerrone, and Miller. These are 3 very tough, very skilled dudes that Nate basically played with. It's clear that 155 is the division for him at this time, and while he hasn't been tested by a wrestler since the drop, I think he's ready for the title shot.

On the other hand, Bendo has looked a bit tepid and uninspired against Guida and Edgar. They usually make their opposition look bad, or at least not great, but this is coming off an absolute destruction of Miller. I still think he's an awesome fighter, very durable with ridiculous sub defense and (when he chooses to use it) furious GnP, but his striking has looked tentative lately.

It's hard for me to call this. Bendo has the ground control and what seems to be the sub defense to win a grinding ground battle, but this is over 25 minutes. He's also admitted to a weakness in responding to verbal challenges, and we know Nate can talk smack in addition to punching a guy in the face over and over.

Maybe it is Nate's time.
12/2/12 6:24:11PM
I really want Nate to win this. Have been a Diaz bros. fan longer than a Bendo fan.
12/2/12 7:52:23PM

Posted by Budgellism

War Nate Diaz

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