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8/5/09 12:03:32PM
Havent posted on here in a bit, last time I did I was 3-0. I am now 6-1 here are my last four fights I hope you enjoy watching them, let me know what you think.

Jeremy Myers Vs. Erik Cox

Myers vs Josh Cole round1

Myers Vs. Josh Cole round 2

Myers Vs. Cole round 3 Myers Vs. Kenny Supsic Jeremy Myers Vs. Scott Roberts
8/5/09 1:16:42PM
I watched the last two fights there...good GnP.

Do you think it gives your future opponents something to study if you post your fight videos, or are you/they just not at that level that you need to worry about that?

8/5/09 1:20:08PM
well the thing is when I get matched up I set all the vids to private.
8/5/09 5:11:56PM
Very smart. Keep on kickin ass!
8/5/09 7:27:30PM
Looking real good I thought you should have won the second fight and it should have been stoped at the end of the 2nd rd.
8/5/09 9:18:23PM
i wish NJ/PA would have the same rules ... i get bonned by using safety gloves and stupid shinguard's and i cant knee or elbow or head kick. everybody who knows me knows i love to imitate CC

good fight. im going to study and challenge u =p
8/5/09 10:33:50PM
lol i cant head kick in ohio. The only two fights i could headkick were because i was in Indiana in one, and Kentucky in the other. But yeah that would suck to have to wear safety gloves and shin guards.
8/6/09 2:21:46PM
Pa uses 6 oz same as ohio right?
8/8/09 2:17:35AM
NJ/PA rules are terrible , bc everyone has the iceman stance . and majority of the fights end up on the ground bc there are no head kicks =[
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