If they fought tomorrow, would you root for Bisping or Rumble?

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POLL: Who would you root for if they fought tomorrow?
Michael "The Count" Bisping 39% (11)
Anthony "Rumble" Johnson 61% (17)
1/14/12 12:13:17AM
Bisping just won the distinguished 2011 MMAPlayground.com Award for "Most Hated Fighter of 2011" by a landslide over Chael and Kos.

Now that they're in the same division (well they're supposed to be), and Rumble has turned many fans away by his double digit weight miss and brash, f-bomb filled, responses directed at MMA fans..... Who would you root for to win?
1/14/12 12:20:29AM
Bisping by a lot. If they actually did fight I think he would win a fairly decisive UD via sprawl and brawl. I didn't like Rumble before this, but now he's one of my absolute least favorite more so for his unprofessional dumbass behavior than the actual weight issue itself. He's handled this as poorly as possible and it's not the first time.
1/14/12 12:20:47AM
I'd also root for Bisping.
1/14/12 12:32:43AM
Nothing is going to change my opinion of Bisping. It's a lot lower than my opinion of Rumble.
1/14/12 1:10:21AM
I don't root for chaps that spit at another man.....Rumble!
1/14/12 1:33:48AM
thats a no brainer, definitely RUMBLE, it pissed me when he missed weight and i hope he looses to vitor, but after that i hope he is successful at 185lbs. ill never root for spitzbing.
1/14/12 3:13:55AM
I feel like people don't even know why they hate Bisping anymore, they just hate him for the sake of hating him. On the other end, you've got Rumble, who has given you just about every possible reason to hate him, yet there's all these people trying to defend him. The dude tells his fans to eat a dick when they criticize him for missing weight! Wtf?
1/14/12 3:46:18AM
Both these guys are pretty annoying, i'd pull for Rumble he's disrespectful and always has issues with wieght but i'd root for him over Spitzbing anyday, never been a fan of Bisping and never will be, Hendo knocking his head into the 7th row at ufc 100 was my favourite moment ever.
1/14/12 4:48:21AM
Easily be cheering on Bisping.
1/14/12 5:23:51AM

Posted by DeadHead988

I feel like people don't even know why they hate Bisping anymore, they just hate him for the sake of hating him.

Do you want a list?
1/14/12 11:56:27AM
Don King
1/14/12 1:12:35PM
Rumble without a doubt. Weigh-in issues aside, I like the guy. A lot of people are downing him for how he's handled the situation and what he's said toward the fans, but can you really blame him? MMA fans aren't exactly the most likeable fans out there, and after reading the comments I read on Twitter and MMA news sights I'd be just as upset as he is.
1/14/12 3:56:55PM
I'd be wanting Rumble to win. The only thing I don't like about Rumble is his unprofessional approach to cutting weight and the resulting attitude towards the people that call him out on it. I just don't like Bisping inside or outside the cage. Time and time again he shows why I don't care for him. I loved it when he ate shit after winning air hockey on TUF
1/14/12 3:58:47PM

Posted by Twenty20Dollars

Don King

I was thiiiiiiiis close to including him but I thought he'd get all the votes
1/14/12 5:08:26PM
can never root for Spitsbing unless I have money on him
1/15/12 9:48:50PM
Rumble would miss weight.
Bisping will talk trash.
Rumble will KO Bisping
Bisping will spit in Rumble's corner
Bisping will then win by Split Decision after getting KO'd

Jokes... I think.....
1/16/12 1:01:18AM
i would have rooted for Bisping if he fought AJ right after the Rivera fight and would still today
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