UFC 89 FOTN, SOTN, and KOOTN predictions

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10/9/08 12:12:53PM
FOTN- I think Leben vs Bisping has the best shot. Both are exciting strikers.

SOTN-Lytle over Taylor.

KO- Sokoudjou over Cane! (heres hoping)

10/9/08 12:25:16PM
FOTN - Marcus Davis vs Paul Kelly
KOTN - Jardine putting Vera to sleep!
SOTN - Eklund subbing Schiavo

Upset - If Terry Etim subbing Stout.(IMO best possibility of an upset)
10/9/08 12:29:40PM
might as well

fotn david baron vs jim miller
kootn shane carwin ko over neil wain
sotn chris lytle over paul taylor

upset of the night dan hardy over gono
10/9/08 12:52:26PM
fight of the night bisping vs leben...both love to and can throwdown....ko of the night carwin over wainn...carwins power is crazy....sub of the night lytle over taylor
10/9/08 1:04:18PM
FOTN- Lytle vs. Taylor
KOOTN- Sokodjou over Cane
SOTN- Gono over Hardy
Upset of the Night- Etim over Stout- Sam hasn't shown any semblance of a ground game yet.
10/9/08 1:34:56PM
FOTN : Bisping vs Leben
KOOTN : Cane over Soko !!!
SOTN : David Baron over Miller

Upset of the night would be Kelly over Davis, i hope not but ...

10/9/08 1:35:51PM
FOTN goes to Davis and Kelly both will throw down and it will go to decision in favor of Paul Kelly

KOOTN goes to Carwin

SOTN goes to (drum roll)............. Banha! Luis Cane is going to keep it outside and ware Soko down, which will only take one round then he'll sub him in the 2nd much like Lyoto did.
10/9/08 1:35:57PM
Fight-Leben vs. Bisping
Upset-Paul Kelly over Marcus Davis
10/9/08 2:11:17PM
F : Leben Bisping
K : Cane over Soko (Should have been Thiago over Machida )
S : Gono over Hardy

Upset: Cane
Posible Boring: None, I think all the match-ups are well made and should provide exciting competition.
10/9/08 2:14:27PM
FOTN - Leben x Bisping
KOTN - Cane over Soku! (Here we go baby!)
SOTN - Lytle over Taylor

Upset - Kelly over Davis, I hope yes
10/9/08 2:24:18PM
FOTN: David Baron Vs. Jim Miller
KOTN: Shane Carwin over Neil Wain
SOTN: David Bielkheden over Jess Liaudin
Upset: Terry Etim has the best chance at the upset over Sam Stout
10/9/08 2:44:12PM
FOTN: Lytle and Taylor
SOTN:Miller over Baron (guillotine)
KOTN:Cane over Sokoudjou
Upset: Etim over Stout
10/9/08 4:31:13PM
FOTN: Bisping / Leben - both exciting strikers
KOOTN: Vera over Jardine - I think Jardine will win, but I'm saying this because with Jardine's chin, his opponent always has a chance for KO
SOTN: Lytle over Taylor - Lytle's tough on the ground and Taylor can get sloppy
upset: Hardy over Gono - I think Hardy's for real
10/9/08 4:45:09PM
FOTN- Luiz Cane vs Sokoudju
SOTN- Jim Miller over David Baron
KOTN- Shane Carwin over Neil Wain
Upset- Luiz Cane over Sokoudju
10/10/08 1:09:16AM
FOTN- Taylor v. Lytle
KOOTN- Leben over Bisping
SOTN- Gono over Hardy

Upset- Taylor over Lytle
10/10/08 1:28:51AM
FOTN: Lytle vs Taylor or Hardy vs Gono
KOTN: Cane over Soko or Leben over Bisbing
SOTN: Gono over Hardy or Eklund over Shiavo
10/10/08 1:30:50AM
FOTN- Davis vs Kelly
SOTN- Eklund over Schiavo
KOOTN- Cane over Soko
Upset - Etim over Stout
10/10/08 10:40:43PM
Cane vs Sokoudju will be a war. I think that Soko wins a very competitive fight. I think Baron/Gono will be a good one as well.
10/10/08 10:47:27PM
FOTN-Gono vs Hardy
KOOTN-Bisping over Leben
SOTN-Shiavo over ecklund
10/11/08 1:37:45PM
FOTN: Bisping vs. Leben
KOTN: Lytle over Taylor
SOTN: Gono over Hardy
10/12/08 2:36:02PM
FOTN - Davis/Kelly
KO - Luis Cane
Sub -
Ghono - but I thikn it'd be awesome if we saw Leben sub Bisping from his guard much like he did Dewees =) Very unlikely but would be awesome.

There is a good summary of the main card here:

10/12/08 5:13:45PM
SOTN-Miller over Baron
KOTN-Soko KO's Cane
10/12/08 7:04:38PM

Posted by mkiv9secsupra

FOTN - Marcus Davis vs Paul Kelly
KOTN - Jardine putting Vera to sleep!
SOTN - Eklund subbing Schiavo

Upset - If Terry Etim subbing Stout.(IMO best possibility of an upset)

i agree with you on FOTN..
they may get KO of the night too imo..

i like watching paul kelly
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