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4/19/08 2:22:29PM
I know I maybe could have put this in the pinned one but I doubt many people would read it at this point. Lets get out the crystal ball and see who can come the closest to picking each. I will start.

KOOTN- Bisping over McCarthy
SOTN- Danzig over Bocek
FOTN- GSP vs. Serra
4/19/08 2:26:59PM
sotn- maia>herman
fotn- stout>clementi
kootn- gsp>serra
4/19/08 3:22:43PM

Posted by teddythetuna

sotn- maia>herman
fotn- stout>clementi
kootn- gsp>serra

agreed, except with KO of the night, if GSP finishes serra i thinks it would be a TKO, not neccesarly a one shot KO, dont see GSP puttin serra out completely.

KOOTN- Belcher> Day, or quarry>starnes (although i have starnes winning the fight, even have him in my parlay, but quarry always has that one shot KO that can put away starnes, which would make the KO even better if he was loosing the fight. hope doesnt happen though)

also have a weird feeling danzing is gonna do a flyin knee on Bocek...
4/19/08 3:37:40PM
FOTN - Clementi vs Stout
SOTN - Charles McCarthy
KOOTN - Alan Belcher
4/19/08 4:00:11PM
yeah i kind of second guessed myself with the gsp pick. i agree with the tko. but im thinkin maybe franklin>lutter
4/19/08 4:16:34PM
FOTN - Gsp vs. Serra
SOTN - Maia vs. Herman
KOOTN - Belcher vs. Day
4/19/08 4:20:13PM
FOTH - Serra > GSP
SOTN - Danzig > Bocek
KOOTN - Quarry> Starnes
4/19/08 4:53:13PM
Fight of the Night- Clementi vs. Stout
Sub of the Night- Maia over Herman
KO of the Night- St. Pierre over Serra
4/19/08 4:55:58PM
sub of the night-Maia over Herman
KO of the night-Belcher over Day
fight of the night- St.Pierre over Serra
4/19/08 5:05:07PM
Submission of the Night: Travis Lutter over Rich Franklin
4/19/08 6:00:55PM
Submission of the night- Damien Maia over Ed Herman
Knockout of the night- Starnes over Quarry
Fight of the Night- Starnes over Quarry

But if you can't win two, I'll go with GSP-Serra fight of the night, maybe even KO of the night
4/19/08 6:43:49PM
Submission of the night- Damien Maia over Ed Herman
Knockout of the night- Quarry over Starnes
Fight of the Night- Danzig over Bocek

4/20/08 1:45:42AM
Just watched the press conference on the Score. And Dana announced the winners ALL UNDERCARD

FOTN- Goulet vs. Hironaka
KOOTN- MacDonald over Doerkson
SOTN- Maia over Herman

That was a sick card and I am nothin but impressed. Do I ever want to see this undercard.
4/20/08 3:06:59AM
Im suprised by those choices. Well, not so much maia but the other two. I heard mcdonald was still pounding on joe for a while after the fight was stopped so i dunno why dana would want to advertise that after what he did to babalu. I also didnt really think goulets fight was all that, id say macs fight was better.
4/20/08 3:10:15AM
from what i have read Clementi vs Stout should have been FotN. i really want to see this fight as the MMAWeekly review made it sound sick.

Other then that Maia's sub on Herman was just beautiful and KO of the night should have been Goulet imo, just because of the way way Hironaka hit the canvas after those two vicious shots.
4/20/08 3:32:18AM

BTW it was $75 000 a piece. Than some reporter goes "Canadian???" LOL
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