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6/3/08 11:10:08AM
with another ufc event the timming couldn't be more perfect, i need it to help get that bad taste out of my mouth from the cbs fixed fights, and even if this card winds up being the worst of the year so far nothing could be worser than last weekend's debacle. with that being said

ufc 85 bedlam,
some great fights, love the main card, so glad they got rid of the evans bout and added nate the great instead.

fight of the night??

i think davis vs swick or taylor vs liaudin might be it. i wouldn't be surprised if they wind up showing the taylor match but with some fights probably going the distance i really think the ufc will show only one prelim but last month it was awesome seeing alot of them. don't see it happening

sub of the night

could be hughes over alves
or kampman over rivera
wild card marquadt over leites
i see hughes match and nate's going to distance, have to go with martin

knock out of the night

davis or swick knocking one or the other out is my pick
also second would be cane vs lambert someone is gonna eat the canvas
or sanchez vs hardonck

good fights, not bad from all the bad luck that came out of this event, i don't see them being boring at all

last pick
sleeper or upset of the night

jason day over bisping,
or if rivera can knock out kampman quick in the first
6/3/08 11:16:43AM
FOTH: would be cool if it was hughes alves
but i think swick davis will be a banger (can a 1 rnd fight be FOTN?)

SOTN: werdum over vera
maybe hughes over alves

KOTN: hughes over alves (JUST KIDDING!!!)
almost def swick davis

should at DOTH (decision) i think the judges will be busy this saturday
6/3/08 11:20:33AM
85 or 87?? I assume you mean 85....

Davis vs Swick

Carnerio over Burns

Davis over Swick
6/3/08 11:28:52AM
You boys, remember vanderlei vs liddell had ko of the night written all over it, and look what happened, chuck actually took silva down to score lousy points and sneak out a decision win. this is an important fight for davis and swick coz a victory for both goes a long way. Dont be so sure that they will bang it out to a ko.
6/3/08 12:23:43PM

Posted by Mayhem13

85 or 87?? I assume you mean 85....

6/3/08 2:50:27PM
KO-Davis over Swick

Sub-Hughes over Alves

FOTN- Taylor vs Liaudin-trust me on this one.
6/3/08 2:59:33PM
KOTN- Davis vs Swick

SOTN- Roan vs Burns

FOTN- Davis vs Swick

the reason i think Davis vs Swick will have a KO is the fact that Swick is going to be looking to make up for his performance in his fight with Burkman. he might take Marcus down a few times to avoid too much damage, but i think Swick will look to utilize his reach and stand with Davis and at the same time put on a show. and, while doing so, he will eat a flurry form Marcus and go down late in the 2nd round imo.

i just hope Swick doesn't keep this fight on the mat because he is the better wrestler and will dictate where this fight goes. i just think he will keep it standing and when he gets desperate for the takedown he will not be able to clinch it since i can assure you Marcus has been training his sprawl and wrestling scrambles and will put Swick out once he has him hurt badly enoiugh.
6/3/08 3:04:32PM
K.O. - Davis over Swick

Sub - Marquardt over Leites

FOTN - Davis vs Swick
6/3/08 3:13:38PM
KOTN-Alves over Hughes

SOTN-Leites over Marquardt

FOTN-Davis and Swick with Davis winning.
6/3/08 4:13:53PM
FOTN: Bisping vs. Day

KO of the Night: Hardnok over Sanchez

Sub of the Night: Werdum over Vera
6/3/08 4:19:01PM
FOTN: Jorge Rivera Vs. Martin Kampman

KOOTN: Marcus Davis over Mike Swick

SOTN: Hughes Over Alves
6/3/08 4:46:10PM
Fight Of the Night-> Swick Vs Davis.

Sub Of the Night-> Kampman over Rivera

KO of the Night-> Hardonk vs Sanchez
6/3/08 4:57:40PM
I think im the only person Whose picking Swick to win by a sub...Swick-o-tine in the 1st rd.SOTN

Mike Quick Swick is back....Hopefully


KOTN-Kampman over Rivera

6/3/08 6:14:47PM
FOTN: Bisping vs. Day

KO of the Night: Davis over Swick

Sub of the Night: Werdum over Vera or Tavares over Wiman
6/3/08 6:23:22PM
6/3/08 8:13:47PM
None of yall have Alves over Hughes? Yall just cant admit Hughes is old and worthless now. Haha I still like Hughes, I just think Alves is gonna step it up.
6/3/08 9:41:49PM
fotn - kampmann vs riviera
kotn - davis over swick
sotn - werdum over vera
6/3/08 11:14:35PM
Fight of the Night- Swick/Davis
KO of the Night- Cane/Lambert
Sub of the night- Wiman/Tarvarez
6/3/08 11:22:57PM
FOTN- Taylor vs Liaudin

KOTN- Davis vs Swick

SOTN- i am going with none, just a guess
6/3/08 11:38:10PM

Posted by DangerousDjohn

None of yall have Alves over Hughes? Yall just cant admit Hughes is old and worthless now. Haha I still like Hughes, I just think Alves is gonna step it up.

i h ave Alves over Hughes...i just don't think it will be KOTN
6/4/08 12:07:02AM
Carneiro vs. Burns

Carneiro vs. Burns

Carneiro vs. Burns
6/4/08 8:38:39AM
FOTN-Davis vs Swick
KOTN- Rivera over Kampmann
SOTN-Tavares over Wiman
6/4/08 1:24:35PM
sorry about the 87 thing my brain was some where else and besides a min later i edited this and changed it back to 85 mine says 85 now

anyways god those fights on sat i am still talking about at work and friends, man did it leave me with a lousy taste i can't get rid of to the point that right now i would be pumped up for 85 and i just ain't feelin it, maybe fight day will get me to change my tune.

looking forward to the swick vs davis match the most
6/4/08 2:44:44PM

Posted by DangerousDjohn

KOTN-Alves over Hughes

SOTN-Leites over Marquardt

FOTN-Davis and Swick with Davis winning.

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