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11/2/08 5:01:24AM
Just wondering if we have any Forza Motorsport 2 freaks here in the playground? just interested in talking about best car set ups, fastest lap times and drift set ups, and stuff to do with the game.
Im not that good yet iv been learning the Nürburgring Nordschleife (20.7km circuit) my fastest time is 6:28 in the Class R1: Prototype race cars
11/2/08 1:39:30PM
I play from time to time, my favorite course is Mazda Laguna Seca. Off the top of my head i don't know best lap times or anything like that. I do know that the annoying races to do in that game are the Factory Spec, its all the driver, what line you take, how fast you enter the turn, correct line, thats all that stands between you and victory. But, the reward was well worth it as you usually get the best possible car of that brand/make for completing the stock race with it. My gamer tag is "TheBigBossSauce" hit me up for some Forza action. And start turning your assists off now, there are some races where the car either has too much power or horrible grip to where you need to turn on traction or stability, but learning how to use regular brakes (non ABS) the more money you'll make and the faster you level.
11/2/08 1:52:46PM
I'm not real big on the racing games but I love this one. I don't get all technical and shit and there is no way I can play without the assists. My favorite is the lancer cause it's excactly like the one in my driveway.
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