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3/14/07 8:39:42PM
It appears Forrest is out due to a bad infection, no replacement has been found yet.

3/14/07 8:53:14PM

Posted by D-Boy

It appears Forest is out due to a bad infection, no replacement has been found yet.


OH WTF Forrest, AHHHHHHHHH, The only way to make up for this is to let rampage fight
3/14/07 9:10:55PM
That sucks. I was expecting this to be the fight of the night.
3/14/07 11:00:01PM
3/14/07 11:23:44PM
i think the ufc have got to step up now and not just palm us off with anybody as a replacement... they need to show the fans in the uk that we matter by putting a big name fighter in because that definately looked like it could have been the fight of the night......... I'M ABSOLUTELY GUTTED about forrest not fighting
3/14/07 11:28:31PM
Jardine maybe? He hasn't got a fight has he?
3/14/07 11:36:42PM
just been looking round on the mma website's and it doesen't look like jardine's fighting anytime soon... that could still turn out to be a great fight:
3/15/07 1:34:54AM
UFC will most probably throw some pommy at Machida.

Dam was looking forward to this fight, another test for Griffin facing Machida, i hope he didnt pull out cause he is afraid of Machida? Just never no after that loss to Jardine could have got to him.
3/15/07 2:35:46AM
It wont be Jardine 'cause Forrest just lost to him. Wow, this is going to be a tough decision for Dana. His only choices are Rampage and Tito. Their they only two I can think of w/substantial time off. I dont know if the're is enough time for either of them to train. This is where Dana needs to sign Cung Le put him against Machida or maybe find a local fighter over their in the UK. Cage Rage has been very successful so maybe that have somone. Uhm, this is a dangerous fight for any LHW to take. Cool, take him off the main card and put Kong vs. Silva on the main.
3/15/07 9:05:03AM
i just pray the replacement isnt pointon
3/15/07 9:26:21AM

Posted by cowcatcher

i just pray the replacement isnt pointon

hahaha amen to that. But I think it would be kind of bad marketing killing a brit on their own soil
3/15/07 9:59:30AM

Griffin out of England UFC

by Dave Meltzer

The UFC injury woes in the last week continued with Forrest Griffin having to pull out of his UFC 70 match on 4/21 in Manchester, England with Lyoto Machida.

Griffin is suffering from a staph infection in his knee. UFC attempted to get both Keith Jardine and Jason Lambert as replacements. Jardine is out with a shoulder injury, and Lambert is still hurting from his 3/3 match with Renato Sobral that he ended up winning. At this point they are still looking for a new opponent for Machida for the show that airs on Spike TV.
3/15/07 10:35:28AM
maybe they could throw bisbing in there and lose the crappy bisbing sinosic match, although i dont know that they want the UKs rising star to have that tough of a fight in his home country....rampage may be the answer here also, but were he to lose that would screw up his match with chuck
3/15/07 10:44:52AM
Pointon is on the Cage Rage card so that's not it thankfully. Jardine makes the most sense to me personally.
3/15/07 12:03:13PM
This is rubbish. I've spent £200 on a ticket for this only for the rumours of Tito to vanish (not that I got it on the strength of rumours) and now Griffin has pulled out. Bearing in mind there is no title fight on the card, if this carries on, it'll be more like an ultimate fight night than a PPV. It's still 5 weeks away yet, so I'm praying nothing happens to AA, Werdum, Cro Cop or Bisping!!! I know it's still a decent card really, but still, I was really looking forward to the Griffin v Machida fight.
3/15/07 1:39:52PM
3/15/07 1:44:56PM

Posted by D-Boy


thats funny.. i was just thinking that it would probably be david heath not 5 minutes before i saw this..

should be a good fight
3/15/07 3:26:10PM
very sad to see forest having to pull out. and so far it looks like Heath will fight now. so this isn't the best match the ufc could have made but it puts heath on the spot and see what kind of fighter he is i think he will put up a better fight then alot of ppl will think.
3/15/07 4:37:35PM
The replacement has been named as the previously undefeated David Heath. For further details see
3/15/07 5:26:48PM
this has just been put on

Unbeaten light heavyweight David Heath has stepped up to the plate to face fellow contender Lyoto Machida at UFC 70 after Forrest Griffin was forced to withdraw from the April 21st bout Wednesday due to a severe staph infection.

does anyone know much about this guy????
3/16/07 9:12:03AM
Word is that David Heath will replace Griffin.
3/18/07 3:49:42PM
Its best he did pull out! I think Machida would have beat him. Forrests an exciting fighter, but hes still improving and needs to fight a can to regain some confidence!
3/20/07 1:46:22AM
When they announced that the HBO deal wasn't done and ppv deadline was past I immediately got worried that some of the big names would drop off of this card. I hope Forrest is the only one that gets dropped.
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