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POLL: Forrest vs. Franklin
Forrest Griffin 55% (22)
Rich Franklin 30% (12)
Too close to call 15% (6)
9/25/08 10:51:30AM
Just wondering what you guys thought of this match-up, cus if you ask me it's a very close match-up and would be a very hard match-up to pick.
9/25/08 10:57:13AM
Wow, that is one fight I never really thought about. It would be quite interesting. I believe Forrest's conditioning is better, and could win a decision, whether 3 or 5 rounds. I believe Franklin's biggest shot to win would be using his standup and punching power. He may have to knock him out, but if Forrest wants to take the fight to the ground, Rich may have a problem. I give the definate edge to Forrest, but Rich was always a HUGE 185'er and I wouldn't completely count him out. 65/35 Forrest.
9/25/08 11:21:37AM
i would have to give the fight to forrest......i think his gameplan, technique and size will play into a win.....his standup is tight (tho not powerful) and his ground game is tight too.....franklin is (and depending on his next fight) will be smaller lhw by quite a bit...probably atleast 20 pounds at fight time...thats a big difference when it hits the ground were hes good but forrest is better...franklins standup is awkward and not that technical, but very effective for his style with enough power to ko forrest, whos chin is the not the worst, but not the best considering all the hype he recieves for being tough.....which also brings me to the next point, franklin usually wins by beating down his opponents, physically which leads to mentally, that plan wont work with forrest who cant be broken down mentally.....for franklin to win, look for the rare one punch ko, otherwise i see forrest winning a decison
9/25/08 11:56:24AM
To close to call I think Forrest would haft to stick and move this fight because I believe Franklin has a much better jui jitsu game. So I believe Forrest best bet to win is to use the size and reach advantage he has on Franklin. On the other hand I think Franklin has the advantage in striking power. This would be an excellent fight in my opinion. Good match up for the future maybe.............come on Joe Silva.
9/25/08 2:23:59PM
I think forrest takes this, with forrest being the bigger fighter that would win him the fight.
9/25/08 4:46:26PM
I think it is close, but I would have to lean toward Forrest if I had to pick one or the other.
9/25/08 5:52:45PM
This pole is pathetic, Griffin would kill Franklin. C'mon Franklin beat Matt Hammil and Hammil had a HORRIBLE FIGHT. The worst we have seen of Hammil yet. Franklin would get murdered by any of the top 11 or 12 in the light heavy weight division.
9/25/08 5:53:53PM
Franklin is a great fighter don't get me wrong, but I don't think he will ever get a shot at the tittle.
9/25/08 6:22:55PM
Forrest very easily
9/25/08 6:33:01PM
I think they match up very well. Couldnt see either guy finishing the other, unless rich lands a big head kick. I would love to see this fight in a year or so, when rich has adapted back to being at 205, and put on enough muscle to not be overwhelmed by griffin. At this point though, id go Griffin by UD.

I wouldn't say Forrest was better conditioned than ace though, i think the reason it would be such as awesome fight, 5 rounds or 3, would be becouse they could both go all out the entire fight and not gas.
9/25/08 7:32:52PM
While rich could suprisingly make this a fight, forrest is way too big and has taken big shots from more powerful strikers, he will take it.
9/25/08 7:38:11PM
why are we even discussing this.

Forrest UD.

5 round total domination

what does Rich have that Forrest doesnt have an answer for.
9/25/08 7:39:33PM
It all depends on how Forrest fights. Everyone knows that Franklin is going to come out and start swinging, and I think if Forrest tried to trade with Franklin he could lose that fight very quickly. If he got in close, pushed Franklin into the cage, threw some knees/elbows, took him down and beat him up a little bit on the ground, he could easily win via decision. But, I don't see Forrest being able to stop Franklin, but I could see him winning.
9/26/08 12:38:01AM
It would be a good fight. I like Forrest Griffin either in a sub or decision win. Forrest is the best holder for a reason.
9/26/08 5:43:50PM
Rashad vs Griffen is much more interesting
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