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8/3/10 2:09:16PM
Wow! I was gone for a long time!
Anyways, I am ECSTATIC to hear about this news. Griffin is one of my top 10 favorite light heavyweights. What's even better is that his opponent may be Rich Franklin! My goodness. But unfortunately til November, he will only fight in the United States. Ahhh..
8/3/10 2:13:38PM
where did you see this?
8/3/10 2:19:43PM
Wikipedia, also Dana White had said SOMETHING about it. But he was very discreet. And I f***** forgot. But Wikipedia says it all.

UFC 123
8/3/10 3:33:14PM
i think rich could would beat him. i would like to see that match up. anytime forrest fights its very entertaining.
8/4/10 11:30:34AM
I will guess on this

Ufc 122 germany. Machida vs rampage

Ufc 123. Belfort vs silva/sonnen. In illinois state I heard

Ufc 124. Dec 11th. Will probably be in vegas. Gsp vs kos
Plus title fight probably.

Griffin could fight at 123 or 124. Rich won't be ready till dec

I still see a jon jones. In dec. Against thiago silva probably

Wild card could be a light heavy. Interim belt.

Only reason why I said in vegas dec 11th is cause. Pittsburg has a hockey game
And vancouver is out. Toronto not ready. And montreal has a hockey game that day

Sat dec 25th and 1st you can rule them out
8/4/10 1:38:23PM
This is hilarious, if the winner gets a title shot there will be lols with what Shogun does to the winner and lyoto does to the loser.
8/4/10 2:08:09PM
Cool I always like seeing him get in the ring and a fight against Franklin would be pretty awesome.
8/4/10 2:54:36PM
Id take Forrest all day over Franklin.
8/4/10 6:33:38PM
Forrest takes a UD if he gets Franklin.
8/5/10 9:34:10PM
Rich takes this fight via decision, although I could also see Forrest stand up beating Frankins if he brawls and doesnt get into a technical stand up with him, Franklins way to technical.
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