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POLL: Forrest Griffin vs. Rashad Evans
Griffin by ko/tko 7% (4)
Griffin by sub 18% (11)
Griffin by decision 48% (29)
Rashad by ko/tko 18% (11)
Rashad by sub 0% (0)
Rashad by decision 10% (6)
9/11/08 9:37:19PM
I say that Griffin guts out a UD against Rashad. Its going to be war similar to Griffin/Bonnar 1 only with more skills applied.
9/12/08 10:29:13PM
Here is how i expect this fight to play out

1st round...stand up the whole round- FORREST 10-9
2nd round...Rashad Shoots in forrest gets taken down...forrest gets sugars back and subs him with a RNC
9/13/08 3:07:11PM
I think if Forrest can avoid the power shot he wins this fight no problem, but Rashad has some serious power and good wrestling and decent defense so if he can control where this fight takes place he has a great chance at another upset.

I truely believe he landed the luckiest shot of his career on liddell, but it landed so he deserves a chance to fight forrest in my opinion.

my pick im still undecied though I think it could go either way and they have both fought a few of the same guys and Rashad looked better against them.

He beat Jardine which Forrest didnt, he snuck the draw out with Ortiz which Forrest didnt and they both beat Bonnar. Forrest beat Rampage and Rashad has beat Liddell this match up is really close. I wont decide my pick until the last second on this fight!!
9/14/08 7:27:38PM
just to state my opinion forrest beat tito or at least snuck a draw but at the time tito was the one who needed to be pushed on but regardless bonnar isnt top notch or any thing and rampage is better than chuck now a days at least so its a draw on paper but in my mind forrest will to win just adds another dimmension
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