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6/14/07 8:24:24PM
in the last few interviews i have read of his he seems to be doubting himself and his chin a lot after the jardine fight. what are your thoughts on this?
6/14/07 8:31:51PM
There's really no way Griffin can beat Ramirez, you have two fighters , both of them predominantly strikers, one with proven knock out power (Ramirez) and one with none(Griffin). Ramirez trained for this fight up at Big Bear and worked his hands for two months with Juanito Ibarra, Quinton Jackson's trainer. And when Forrest starts to get hurt if he decides to, even with the work he's been doing at Xteme Couture there's not a chance of him taking Hector down. Don't get me wrong I like Forrest but I can only see an upset coming when I look at any of Ramirez's fights.
6/14/07 8:44:20PM
I don't know if Forrest is doubting himself, but I am doubting him. After the Dean Of Mean got his clock cleaned and lower quality performance the Tito Ortiz has had. The fact that you are questioning his mental state should tell you all you need. The fact that Ramirez is training with Rampage's coach just gives me more confidence in the upset.

(I still picked Forrest, but I bet on The Sick Dog)
6/14/07 9:16:38PM
I think he's mentally ready, but Ramirez could DEFINITELY pull this one off just as easily as Griffin could, and I think Ramirez is the better fighter.

I like Griffin, hes a great guy, great work ethic, but his skill has always concerned me. Don't get me wrong, he is definitely well rounded, however, I think thats the problem. He's just good at everything, he's not great at any one thing IMO. Ramirez has nothing to lose, and everything to gain, he's been training harder than ever, and I think hes more mentally in this fight than Griffin is. I'd still say Griffin is a safe bet, but really I'd say this fight is 51/49 with the favor in Griffins hands.
6/14/07 11:58:26PM
ramirez has heavy hands and for me on stand up he is better than griffin
i think griffin is not a top fighter to fight for the belt IMO he need to train a lot of things and ramirez is a dangerous striker and can beat him
i dont know i dont like the style of griffin
6/15/07 9:47:46PM
I'll take Forrest, he rebounded from the Horn KO just fine
6/16/07 12:28:18AM
I got Ramirez, saw him fight at a KOTC and seen some fights of his (used to train at No Limits really close to me) and he has really good hands and is pretty much just a little better at everything then Forrest.
6/14/08 12:56:54AM
he wins
6/14/08 5:17:48AM

Posted by vince25

he wins

Umm, nice one pulling out the year old post...

I'll give you one thing though... it's funny to read the argument for Ramirez now.

Whatever happened to szuconni?
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