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7/7/08 6:34:42AM
Just because you're an MMA champion doesn't mean you're gonna have it easy at the tables. The new UFC Light Heavyweight Champion was one of thousands of participants in the ongoing Main Event at the WSOP (World Series Of Poker in Las Vegas), and eventually got knocked out by a fellow champ: 2-time WSOP World Champion Johnny Chan.

7/7/08 6:48:29AM
Damn Johnny Chan knocked out Forrest Griffin in poker...shocking, Forrest was an underdog in that battle
7/7/08 12:36:36PM
Forrest shoulda paid me to play for him.
7/7/08 4:42:13PM
I don't know how he did/is doing, but I also just read that Liddell played the event this year. No Bruce Buffer mentions.

Also of note and kinda funny: In an earlier event, a player named Anderson Silva finished 10th. Unable to confirm if that's UFC's Anderson SIlva.
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