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6/14/07 7:34:25PM
How do you describe 2006 for Forrest Griffin? Did his gallant stand in a close decision loss against former light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz and a rematch victory over Stephan Bonnar make it his best year as a fighter, or did his devastating TKO defeat at the hands of Keith Jardine in December forever mark that 12 month period as the worst of his professional life?

7/18/07 8:02:58PM
I think it was still a strong year. He took a good one on the chin. Matt Hughes, GSP, Liddell, Couture and many more that got knocked out recently, but that does not hurt their progress previous
7/19/07 8:53:04AM
imo that knockout to jardine makes it a bad year for him. if he would have lost to machida thats one thing, and the fight with tito would not be a black mark if he had beat jardine, but with two losses and a bad showing vs jardine it was not a good year for him imo
7/19/07 9:39:23AM
1 win and 2 loses is a bad year no matter how you look at it .i know it was a close fight between him big head
7/20/07 1:06:14AM
Nothing on earth can save him
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