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POLL: Forrest Griffin's chin
Good 7% (2)
Decent 47% (14)
Sucks 47% (14)
11/18/12 3:31:42AM
Arguing with a friend about Forrest's chin, so I decided to run a poll lol
11/18/12 8:04:11AM
Put me down for sucks
11/18/12 8:32:16AM
Used to be good, now it's slipped a lot. But he's one of those guys who's chins only got worse cause he loved taking those big punches in his early career.
11/18/12 10:53:45AM
Relative to? The average person? The average fighter? The average UFC fighter? The average LHW?

Compared to the competition he's fighting, I'd say it's below average.
11/18/12 2:18:45PM
At his peak, he had one of the best chin's in mma. As I was a huge Forrest fan back then, I choose to remember him this way. However, currently his chin is glass. Make no mistakes that that man could take a hell of a punch back in his hayday.
11/18/12 3:07:05PM
He got dropped by Tito a few Times. Who gets dropped by Tito?
11/18/12 3:20:27PM

Posted by SpiderSilva

He got dropped by Tito a few Times. Who gets dropped by Tito?

Jenna gets dropped by Tito....his chin SUCKS.
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