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8/9/10 10:01:09PM
So I'm trying to formatt my hard drive so I can use it with my ps3. I am using swissknife and I keep getting the message Read/write error when I try and create a new partition. Any advice?
8/9/10 10:08:21PM
I know it sounds simple but some ps3's can only read from port 1. I don't know why but I got told it a while ago. Also try pressing triangle and a display all menu opens you should be able to access most files through there. Hope that helps, man!
8/9/10 10:47:09PM
The problem is more the formatting the hard drive so I can acctually add stuff to the drive.
8/10/10 7:13:36AM
What kind of format is the drive-FAT32 or NTFS? That might be the issue, but my experience with external HDs has been with my PC and they are pre-formatted already no matter what the package says.
8/10/10 9:12:04AM
I just came across this on youtube, hope it helps... Link
8/10/10 10:32:58AM
Defective drive. Sending it back. Problem solved
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