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6/12/08 12:24:50PM
I've been making picks for a little while on the site but never properly introduced myself. The name is Chris I live in the Chicago land area and have been training Boxing for the last 7 years (should have gotten into ground fighting =(. So far this site has been a blast. Good scoring system and good forum members. Cheers!
6/12/08 12:29:17PM
Never too late to take up some JJ or some wrestling man. you'd be very dangerous having that boxing background. Anyways hi and welcome to the playground!
6/12/08 12:42:29PM
True, I'm 21 so I'm still young but i'm so used to throwing on gloves and hitting bags for hours not rolling around on the ground. But there are some nice places going up around here so maybe I'll look into it. I would love to be 50 years old and still able to compete in a grappling tourny. Obviously I won't be in the ring when im 50 =D Grappling seems to be a bit easier on the body which is actually starting to become a concern of mine because there isn't a day I wake up where I actually feel like im in my 20's.
6/12/08 4:10:48PM
Welcome to the site.
6/12/08 5:33:53PM
Welcome to the site.
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