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3/14/08 7:42:00AM
So im sitting here eagerly awaiting the draw for the quarter finals and semi finals of the Champions League (for any yanks that dont know its a tournament where they have the best teams from all the major leagues in Europe)

As a gooner and never having won this compeition im really wanting to do well this year, we made the final a few years ago and were unlucky not to win, with Henry just not playing his best that day, there are a few weak times i would ideally like to draw but i know very well that we will either draw Man Utd or Barcelona so im just waiting to see which one!

Any other "real football" fans here? We have all 4 of our english teams in the QF (only 1 from any other country! lol) so id expect some Man Utd/Liverpool/Chelsea fans here somewhere
3/14/08 8:37:15AM
Well i was half wrong

I knew we wouldnt get a really good draw cos we NEVER do, but it could have been worse

Champions League quarter-final draw:
1 Arsenal v Liverpool
2 AS Roma v Man Utd
3 Schalke 04 v FC Barcelona
4 Fenerbahce v Chelsea

Champions League semi-final draw:
1 Arsenal/Liverpool v Fenerbahce/Chelsea
2 Schalke/Barcelona v AS Roma/Man Utd

I didnt want to draw an english team at all so would of preferred any of the other 4 but Liverpool are a better team to draw than Man Utd or Chelski prolly. The only pisstake is that we play Liverpool in the league in between the 2 legs so we will actually play them 3 times in the space of a week
3/14/08 8:38:48AM
And the draw paves the way for an Arsenal VS Barcelona rematch final (which i most want) or an all english final with Man Utd after the league has been won by either team
3/14/08 9:41:39AM
I hope you're not looking past Man Utd in the semis though, probably the trickiest game left I would guess. No reason you can't do it though, especially after knocking out Milan.

But yeah, not really anything more to say for this mickey mouse trophy. Coca cola championship is where its at next season
3/14/08 12:27:41PM

Posted by Rich78

I hope you're not looking past Man Utd in the semis though

LOL i hope i am dude, we arent playing them in the semis, we play the winner of Fenerbahce/Chelsea, tut tut at you not reading my post properly!

Best possible outcome would have been one Schalke or Fenerbache but no, Chelski and Barca get them And Man Utd get a pretty easy tie, they played Roma in the groups and beat them 7-1! tho Italian police did smash them with batons during the game for no real reason, hope to see that happen again
3/14/08 1:27:28PM
Me being from Argentina I do follow soccer a lot. Its like we are born playing soccer. That being said...... My team is Barcelona. Been following them ever since I can remember. Barcelona is one of my favorite teams besides of coarse BOCA JRS!!!!!!!! I predict Arsenal and Barcelona in the finals.
3/14/08 3:34:57PM
Chelsea and United get the easy draw as usual.Im a Liverpool fan so bring on Arsenal!!!!!
3/14/08 3:51:42PM
Apparantly theres been some sort of scandal involving the draw .

Seems like to trivial of a thing to be base for such a strong rumor. The guy could of just posted every possible outcome on differant newspaper sites so one would definatly be right. Story
3/14/08 3:59:12PM
This is going to be intense one of my best buddies is a die hard Liverpool fan, and i , myself am a Gooner till i die... so... this will be an awkward if not spirited game of football!
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