A follow up, submission fighting in the Olypics.

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It will happen 46% (6)
Nope 15% (2)
ADCC got it covered 15% (2)
I'm shocked it's not already in the Olympics 8% (1)
No clue 15% (2)
6/20/08 4:23:39PM
I posted a thread similar to this about MMA in the Olympics under amature rules.

Someone made a good point, why is there no BJJ/ Submissionfighting in the Olympics? I agree entirely. BJJ and other styles have become so widespread. Russians could easily put a team together, Japan and China have Judo and Jiu Jitzu, Europe still has some catch wrestling, Brazil has a huge BJJ talent pool, and the USA has a mixup of styles.

So why not have no gi submission grappling under some international rules and scoring? It makes a lot of sense to me.

With the MMA explosion it would probably generate a lot of interest in the competition.
6/20/08 4:28:59PM
Here's a news piece I posted not too long ago from ESPN regarding the topic


...and BTW, I'm all for it
6/20/08 5:01:01PM
I'm all for any martial arts competition in the Olympics
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