74/75 Flyers vs 93 Cowboys

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POLL: 74/75 Flyers vs 93 Cowboys
Flyers 11% (2)
Cowboys 89% (16)
9/12/12 2:13:58AM
74/75 Flyers
The 1974–75 Philadelphia Flyers season was the Philadelphia Flyers eighth season in the National Hockey League (NHL). The Flyers repeated as Stanley Cup champions

93 Cowboys
The 1993 Dallas Cowboys season marked their 34th in the NFL and a quest for back-to-back Super Bowl titles. The season saw the franchise become the first team to start 0–2 and still reach (and subsequently win) the Super Bowl
9/12/12 1:30:22PM
This Cowboy team is what got me following the NFL so their who I picked
9/12/12 3:05:57PM
the Broad Street Bullies changed the way hockey was played
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