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12/30/12 6:29:48PM
I'm hardly ever sick, but this flu season has been particularly nasty and I've been down the last few days. Vaccines are cheap and easy to get at most local pharmacies. Go ahead and do yourself the favor of getting one.

Also, don't take over the recommended dose of
Sudafed. My kidneys are aching and my dreams have been really fucked up lol.
12/30/12 6:42:16PM
Don't trust government sponsored vaccines...
12/30/12 6:56:31PM
flu shots work great for me. if i get my flu shot i rarely get sick at all in a whole year. there's nothing wrong with the vaccine and it never hurts to get it.

AND IF YOU ARE SICK, STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM OTHER PEOPLE!!!! i hate when people are really sick but they still come and roll or train or come over for dinner and expose other people to their sickness. DON'T BE AN ASSHOLE AND GET OTHER PEOPLE SICK!!!!! this isnt pointed at any one person, i just hate when people get me sick.
12/30/12 6:59:44PM
I don't get vaccines. Well atleast the flu vaccine. Don't really believe in them.
12/30/12 7:10:27PM
I'm not much of a vaccine guy either, but jesus christ I wish I'd gotten it done this winter. I've felt like absolute dog shit the last 72 hours.
12/30/12 7:12:44PM
vaccines are free here and I don't remember the last time I got one. *knock on wood* haven't gotten the flu yet
12/30/12 7:17:11PM
dont bother.
my wife and I both had our flu shot and we've both had the flu twice in the past 2 months.

flu shots are useless.
12/30/12 8:36:16PM
i avoid flu shots and pretty much any shots like the plague. I'm scared of needles so I avoid them at all costs. I haven't been sick all year, which is pretty surprising considering my immune system has to hate me right now. I only run on like 3 to 4 hours of sleep most days of the week. Really shocking I haven't been sick.
12/30/12 8:51:23PM
Yeah, I've never gotten a flu vaccine to be honest.. but after the last few days of hell I may start to. I usually avoid doctors and needles at all costs, but the last few days I literally have barely been able to get up every few hours to take a piss/chat with you beautiful bastards.
12/30/12 9:45:07PM
I have to get a flu shot, because it is required for the hospital I work at.

My whole family has gotten the flu the past two weeks. When I say family, I mean me, my wife, son, mom, dad, and entire extended family on both sides. My grandpa is actually in the hospital, partially because of it. I rarely get sick, and I can't remember the last time I actually threw up from being legitimately sick. Probably when I was in my early teens.

The hospitals I work at have been flooded with sick people. Must be some national flu epidemic.
12/30/12 9:47:08PM
Most of my family has it. Both parents, brothers, and nieces.
12/30/12 10:53:20PM
Maybe the end of the world is real, and 12/21/12 was when it was unleashed on us
12/30/12 11:15:36PM
I never get flu shots, yet never get the flu. When Mrs. Grappler gets them, she feels 50% shitty for a couple of days, opposed to taking the risk of possibly feeling 100% shitty for a couple of days. That's a shitty gamble if you never get the flu IMO, so I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. Keep healthy. That's your best defense.
12/31/12 4:10:03AM