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3/29/07 6:02:01PM
this guy makes me laugh..
i posted the whole article, but put the part about liddell and MMA in bold so you can find it easier

credit: mmanews.com

The following is an article from TheSweetScience.com:

Floyd Mayweather Rips Oscar, Liddell, MMA
By Michael Woods

I really think these guys don’t like each other. I could be wrong. This could all be hype for their May 5 Super Bowl of Boxing, but I really think Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather don’t like each other. It wouldn’t be so surprising if the dynamic duo’s back and forth barbs are legit, and not presented solely for the purpose of fanning the flames for their May mashup. After all, they went on an 11-city media tour to prime the pump, and if there wasn’t enmity going into it, you know there would be after that junket. Smart people have known about the concept of familiarity breeding contempt since…I don’t know…since marriage was invented…(My sterling union aside, sweetie). Mayweather and De La Hoya upped the hate factor, which had been dwindling at an impolite “7” to a full-fledged “10” on Wednesday. They held a separate (but equally hateful) conference call, and Floyd was first. He got right to the verbal flamethrowing. “Oscar ain’t real,” PBF said. “He’s a fake ass fighter….he’s greedy, ungrateful, he’s a brat.” Mayweather said that ODLH shouldn’t be talking about his status as a top grosser in the sport, as he thinks that designation should be reserved for Mike Tyson. And, PBF said, Oscar isn’t in the same league of stardom as Ali or Tyson were. And, he said, as far as talent goes, De La Hoya can’t hold a candle to Floyd Mayweather. He didn’t stop there. PBF then compared Oscar the Promoter to Oscar’s most heated competitor, Bob Arum, and Don King as well. “Mayweather Promotions is coming, watch how we treat fighters,” PBF said. Floyd’s fury wasn’t reserved for the Golden Boy. The press got slammed for fixating on the Junior vs. Senior soap opera angle. “I don’t ask you what’s going on between you and your dad,” he said. “I’m not fighting my dad. I’m not here to talk about him.” Senior has been working with Junior said, but as of now, Uncle Roger is his trainer, period, exclamation point, end of story. (Anyone wanna bet that Senior’s in his corner on fight night as an extra added bonus attraction?) I shrunk back in agony when Floyd landed a direct hit on the “Fourth Estate,” when he said, “America is about controversy and money. What goes on between me and my dad is my personal business.” Hold on, the UFC and Chuck Liddell didn’t escape Floyd’s venom. “UFC ain’t shit,” he said. “It ain’t but a fad. Anyone can put a tattoo on their head and get in a street fight.” He singled out UFC poster boy Chuck Liddell for an extra overhand right. “We should put Liddell against a good heavyweight, under Mayweather Promotions, and if Chuck wins, then I’ll give him a million dollars out of my own pocket.” PBF then shoe-shined all MMA fighters. “These are guys who couldn’t make it in boxing,” he said. “So they do (MMA). Boxing is the best sport in the world and it’s here to stay.” Love him or hate him, think he’s just speaking truth or he has a rampant ego and you’re hoping Oscar has a pin on May 5th, and will pop Floyd’s bubble, you must admit this about PBF: he’s entertaining when he gets that mouth in high gear.
3/29/07 6:09:51PM
im a fan of both sports but after hearing a boxer say that my fandom of the sweet science may be gone...what a F'N idiot!!!
3/29/07 6:21:10PM
Ilike boxing also, but MMA more. This back and forth is as bad as Pride/UFC nutthugging to me. Nomatter who says it, I think it's petty. Still, I wish DeLaHoya was in his prime. I think he can still beat Mayweather, but I think he would KOl him in his prime.
3/29/07 6:37:59PM
Thanks for the good interview post again

It just sort of made me laugh... 5 years ago you wouldn't have heard Floyd wouldn't have given two shits about MMA or UFC or what they were doing...

But now, he feels like he has to defend his sport, I can hear the fear in his voice... "Boxing is here to stay... Right??" Hahaha...

I want to see Floyd get choked out by a triangle from Aoki and then tell me about how he's a washed up boxer...

Pull your head out of your ass Mayweather
3/29/07 6:40:57PM
Boxing's dead and Mayweather is an ignorant fool.

Ballshot ftw!
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3/30/07 1:33:46AM
who the hell wrote that shit? the entire story is one paragraph? insane
3/30/07 2:02:06AM
i agree....put liddell up against a HEAVYWEIGHT...maybe itll shut the f'ing pussy boxers up once and for all as soon as liddell knocks the poor SOB out....hell....i box but its because im a pussy and cant take the leg kicks haha
3/30/07 4:43:52PM
Mayweather is the best pound for pound boxer right now

He also is probably the pound for pound dumbest fighter...

I'm sure there is a good chance that Chuck could lose in a boxing match but to call MMA a streetfight is ignorant. As a professional boxer he should be supportive of combat sports in general and understand that MMA fighter train just as much as boxers to perfect their craft.

And if MMA is so unappealing to boxers why the hell is Mercer going to fight in MMA. He said its the people that couldnt make it in boxing. So I guess that means an Olympic gold medalist and former World Champion isnt quite good enough to be considered someone who made it in boxing
3/30/07 9:11:48PM
I hear more people talking about Pride and the UFC than boxing matches, but that might be because I am in a martial arts environment.

I think he is just getting defensive. MMA is a threat to boxing. He might be doing what he can to promote his own fight and boxing as a whole. He's just going about it the wrong way.

Personally I find boxing very boring, but I respect the skill of boxers. I wouldn't attempt to compare a boxer to an MMAer.
3/30/07 10:59:03PM
sounds a little defensive to me.

like kids sayin "my dad can beat up ur dad"

3/30/07 11:27:44PM
I think Chuck Liddell's kid has a shit that says that. lol
3/31/07 6:33:56PM
In a boxing match, obviously a heavyweight would KILL chuck, mayweather would win too.But it is absurd to compare and contrast 2 different sports like that.
Its ignorant, borderline retarded. MMA competitors have to focus on more than just the hands defensively and offensively, so obviously the skills of an mma artist will be less specialized and more rounded and based. It seems as though the growing of mma is forcing some competition for the boxing enviornment.
4/1/07 5:44:39PM
Just running his mouth like he always does.
4/2/07 12:40:58AM
Boxers and Boxing promoters have been doing this lately. They see their sport losing popularity because of MMA and are fighting back in a childish, ignorant way.

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