Florida stops MMA bout between fighters with Down's syndrome and cerebral palsy

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8/6/13 3:19:13PM
Aspiring MMA fighters Garrett Holeve, who has Down's syndrome, and David Steffin, who's got cerebral palsy, were set to fight Friday on an Indian Casino but the state of Florida stepped in and stopped the bout.

8/6/13 3:34:25PM
WTF were they thinking?! Timmay!!
8/6/13 4:01:16PM
I haven't been this offended in a long time. Hopefully a state that allows consenting adults to participate in sports steps up to let these guys live their dream.
8/6/13 4:16:00PM
How the hell does Florida have any say in what happens on a reservation? Oh yeah treaties with natives are all bullshit. I don't think I could watch this but they are consenting adults.
8/6/13 4:16:25PM
I dunno, looking at those fighters, reading the response from the dad of one - it seems that they were potentially quite fit to fight.

I don't know them personally, and can't say I'm informed about Downe's nor C.P., but if they are syndromes that have a whole range (spectrum) of severity, and these guys were on the low-end of severity, maybe it's not so terrible. Like if you talked with them and they clearly understood what they were signing up for, wanted it, trained for it, could articulate the rules and and their strategy...and so on. That would show that, other disability aside, they were able to fight. Just a thought.

8/6/13 6:19:33PM
i bet they are feeling really let down.
8/6/13 6:29:00PM
I saw that ESPN Special on Garrett Holeve, it was very well done, a moving and inspirational story.

Garrett's Fight - ESPN Video

I recommend watching it before declaring Garrett has no right to compete. It might change your mind.

I am not familiar with the other individual though and cannot comment on that.

8/6/13 11:50:23PM
yeah ive seen G-money before. regulated correctly with proper safety precautions just like every other amateur fight, this fight could have happened no problem. they act like these two people have no idea whats right or wrong. why cant somebody with down syndrome or cerebral palsy have the same rights as the rest of us like the pursuit of happiness? as long as the promoter wasn't exploiting them and both fighters were completely ready for the bout than i think the state should stay out of it. hopefully they will be able to put it together else where.
8/7/13 12:18:29AM
I gotta be honest Florida made the right call on this one, the only shitty part is that they didn't shoot this down 2 months in advance as opposed to right before the fight. The timing makes it seem like a dick move.
8/7/13 1:21:47AM
How would you feel if the state didn't let you compete in a sport because of the way you were born? This is what I expected of FLA though
8/7/13 7:43:43AM
this shit is retarded