Florida vs Ohio State - 2 Nutthhugger's cautionary tale

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4/2/07 10:51:47PM
Now that they are playing in the NCAA basketball final , after previously meeting in the NCAA football title game, I will relate to you a cautionary tale that shows why nutthugging anything is bad. To me a nutthugger is someone who defends something inspite of reason or logic. They are going to defend their position/side right or wrong, because they don't want to admit there side could be wrong, and winning the argument s more important than truth. Now I'm a fan of a lot of sport's , and am loyal to my teams, but that doesn't mean I always think they are the best. Some guys in my fantasy baseball league made a bet at the draft yesterday. Now Florida beat Ohio state in football, and is a heavy favorite in basketball. The OH st. fan at my draft was running his mouth at the FLA. guy, even thought he FLA wasn't saying anything about it. The $50 bucks he lost in the football game probably spurring on his insecurities. OH st. was a big favorite in football and FLA. upset them. Anything is possible( and the games still not over) , but I think his ego got him into trouble on this. FLA. is up by 9 right now, and look in control of the game. The bet was the loser would have to wear a shirt saying they are the opposing team and guys Bit*h at the sports bar where we have our fantasy football draft all day. For example if Fla. wins Brian will have to wear a FLA. colored shirt stating " I Lance and Florida's little Ohio State bit*h". Pride goeth before a fall folks. I have learned my pride and the word's that it has stupidly spurred me to spew in my youth can really come back to haunt you. It's a scary bet for either, but man will I be laughing come football season, at whoever loses this.
4/3/07 12:06:10AM
Florida wins. Looks like Brian will be suffering, hope he doesn't quit the league over it
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