Florians trainer says Roger is F****D

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8/6/08 3:38:46PM
“If this was a popularity contest, Kenny would be f--ked,” DellaGrotte says. “But it’s not a popularity contest; it’s a fight. So therefore, Roger is f--ked. I love Roger; he’s a great guy, but every time I see Roger, he kind of gives me that wink, like he knows something I don’t. He doesn’t realize the joke’s on him. I’ve never seen Kenny so hungry.”

Interesting/Funny part of a good article on sherdog.


Dont know how to link so just copy and paste.

What do you guys think about this? I am really pulling for Roger but I can't help but think Kenny is gonna win fairly easily.
8/6/08 3:44:36PM
it willo either be a dominated war taken by rodger or a quick sub by kenny
but i like the article
8/6/08 4:19:10PM
I didn't know Florian had a train. That's amazing that he can buy a train with the money he makes in MMA. Those things are expensive. Do you know if it's steam or deisel?

And the fact that the train talks at all is freaking amazing. I would think the price of a talking train would be ridiculous. I only know of two others in the world. Thomas, and the little engine that could. Even the little engine only could say one thing repeatedly. I'd rather have a train that says the F word than a train that repeated "I think I can" like a self help guru.
8/6/08 4:48:37PM
my train says "CHOOO CHOOOOOOOOO"
8/6/08 10:23:12PM
I think Kenny will set the pace and his jiu-jitsu is far too good for Huerta.
8/7/08 5:13:46PM
Yah as much as I like Huerta I strongly believe he is ******, he is a little too wreckless and over-the-top to pose much of a threat to Florian...

Florian is calculated, intelligent, and has an amazing ground game... he is going to win this fight with sheer intelligence and the right gameplan...

If Huerta actually comes into this fight and plays it out smart instead of trying to turn it into a slugfest he has a chance of winning, otherwise I see him being taken down at will and bullied on the ground.. eventually falling into a submission or being mounted and eating some very bad elbows until the ref has seen enough..

I like both these fighters, Huerta a little more, but I somehow just know that Florian is going to win.. and I cant see it going to a judges decision either.. as Florian said: "I finish fights!"...

Hehehehe... should be a great fight though, I hope Huerta can pull it off I just dont see it happening.
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