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POLL: Florian vs. Stevenson
Florian by ko/tko 23% (9)
Florian by submission 5% (2)
Florian by decision 28% (11)
Stevenson by ko/tko 8% (3)
Stevenson by submission 5% (2)
Stevenson by decision 31% (12)
8/19/08 4:36:38PM
i gotta go with joe daddy, as much as i'll be rooting for florian i think joe daddy is too good of a wrestler and we haven't seen kenny face a guy this strong since sherk (even huerta doesn't have the strength of stevenson).
8/19/08 4:48:01PM
i want stevenson to win because i dislike florian but kenflo gone a win by UD
8/19/08 5:10:51PM
Gona go with Joe Daddy but Kenny will draw blood with those elbows guaranteed.
8/19/08 5:45:15PM
I always wanted to see Florian face more great wrestlers like the guys who beat him in Sherk and Diego.

Edgar, Maynard, Tyson or Guida would probably all beat him, he would also lose the rematch with Sherk.

This is an interesting fight, I have Joe taking a SD or UD.
8/19/08 6:21:25PM
'Daddy' via UD
8/19/08 6:38:06PM
This time Florian's going down. mark my words
8/19/08 7:17:07PM
Am going for Florian by TKO int the 3rd, he is gonna stick and move like he did against Huerta, i see Stevenson getting tired and Kenny kneeing him in the face has Daddy goes for a sloppy shoot.
8/19/08 7:34:26PM
Florian by S.D.
It's going to be one of those fights.
8/19/08 8:17:29PM
Stenvenson is gonna take this. He's too strong for Kenny and he'll take it to the ground and beat him there.
8/19/08 8:37:49PM
joe ain't no sherk
8/19/08 8:40:56PM
Whens this fight taking place? I haven't heard anything about it.
8/19/08 11:37:38PM
I think joe daddy would win a ud if he used the sherk strategy. If its kept on the feet i see florian winning. Great matchup , cant wait!
8/19/08 11:39:09PM
You know, I honestly don't know if I can bring myself to pick against Florian anymore...I just can't.

Florian by decision. Though I could see it going the other way as well.
8/19/08 11:42:42PM
KenFlo by coolness
8/20/08 12:04:54AM
Stevenson earned his shot at BJ. And when Kenny whoops him up it will be Florians shot at LW gold. Kenny TKO early 2nd
8/20/08 12:44:03AM
A year ago I would say Stevenson wins no problem. Florian has improved in every fight he has fought in, and has proven to be one of the top LW in the UFC division. This is a tough fight. I think it has potential to be one of the best fights in the UFC this year. Can't wait for this to happen. I can't pick a winner right now, but am leaning toward Florian by decision.
8/20/08 3:32:41AM
if stevenson can work the ground control ala sherk v florian he will win
this is a big if since florian's standup and cardio have looked great
i'll be rooting for joe but this is a tough one to call
8/20/08 3:57:12AM
I think if stevenson comes in with the right gameplan this shouldn't be too tough for him. He just needs to use his wrestling and stay out of submissions.
8/20/08 4:59:27AM
Wait a minute, i've been followin Stevenson forever and I got the impression that he was a jiu Jitsu guy. am I missin sumthin or what? either way I think it will be a finisher, don't know who will do it though
8/20/08 6:36:31AM
He has trained in both for pretty much his whole life, but he's moreso a wrestler than a jiujitsu practitioner. Most of his submissions are RNC/guillotines which are really the easiest submissions to implement with a strong wrestling base. He has solid jiu jitsu, but he's really much more of a wrestler than anything.
9/1/08 9:58:17PM
Gotta go with Joe Daddy i think he will come out and be physical with him and GnP
enough for a UD. He will prolly be bloodied up pretty good though, maybe another famous squirting fountain of blood like in the Penn fight just as long as he doesn't cry i think he takes it. lol
9/1/08 10:12:51PM
What? When? Is this official?... Sounds like a freaking dope fight.
Joe daddy has what it takes to win this fight, but the roll that Florian is on, it seems impossible to bet against him... love his scrambling, his bounciness and his viscious elbows... Ben Stiller by Decision!
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