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7/8/07 1:52:19AM
This fight was officially a TKO, yet it was scored as a sub by MMAPlayground. What's up with that?

I know Robinson tapped twice, but the official result was a TKO. Please update the scoring accordingly.

7/8/07 7:32:33AM
It looks like it went down on the books as a submission due to strikes...which is how I saw it.

7/8/07 9:16:12AM
Bruce Buffer announced the judges' decision was a TKO. Seems it doesn't get more official than what the judges say, I don't care what Sherdog says.
7/8/07 11:44:48AM
Buffer did say TKO even though I thought the stoppage was from the tap not the strikes. What Buffer says should be official. For the record I had Florian by 1st rd. sub.
7/8/07 11:53:16AM
So if Buffer said Mirko Cro Cop won by submission even though he knocked someone out by a headkick, that should be official? People make mistakes, even the great Bruce Buffer. Stop crying about losing a few points. You can clearly see in the fight that it was stopped because Robinson tapped. The ref stopped the fight because he tapped out. If Robinson hadnt tapped and the ref stopped it, that would be a TKO. But Robinson tapped nuff said even if Buffer said TKO.
7/8/07 12:22:32PM
Well, on the official website for the UFC it says otherwise.

7/15/07 1:32:23AM
was it just me or did florian throw in a little cheap shot at sherk when he claims he finishs fights ??? unlike sherk ???
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