Florian ready to take next step at Fight Night

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9/18/07 9:04:08PM
When Kenny Florian was first introduced to the casual MMA fan during the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, most looked at the somewhat-scrawny prospect once, dismissed him as a probable early casualty of the show, and figured they'd probably never hear from him again.

9/19/07 1:22:55AM
The biggest fight of his career was against Sherk. If he wants another title shot he has to beat Dinyero and maybe one or two more fights.
9/19/07 1:36:55AM
I think Din take this. I see him being a better all around fighter, with more experience against better competition.
9/19/07 3:23:28PM
kenny is going win this oneIMO
9/19/07 5:11:01PM
din thomas is about to win this. he is more well rounded, more stronger i think he has better cardio. florian hung in there with sherk but did not advance his position just layed there and got controlled. it is a good fight for both fighters though. din's stand up is more crispy and fluent he throws full combinations and them moves and he has good jits.

thomas takes this fight.
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