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7/31/09 8:36:32AM
"If I tell you I'm good, you would probably think I'm boasting. If I tell you I'm no good, you know I'm lying." – Bruce Lee

Steadily climbing the ranks over the last year, top lightweight contender Kenny Florian has stayed as humble as any fighter in the game despite reeling off six wins in a row, and becoming one of the top 155-pound fighters in the world. Still, Florian believes that he had a lot to learn after his win over Joe Stevenson before facing lightweight champion B.J. Penn on Aug. 8 at UFC 101 in Philadelphia.

7/31/09 9:55:23AM
not proving me wrong, Florian will stop Penn in the 4th
7/31/09 12:06:54PM

Posted by Jesse_Canadian_MMA

not proving me wrong, Florian will stop Penn in the 4th

not saying your wrong (kinda hoping your right) but how the hell is he stopping Penn? i dislike BJ and favor Kenny but theres a very small chance that he will Submidt him or KO him. i see BJ being able to do either. sadly!

but im interested in hearing how you see it going
7/31/09 12:55:03PM
i expected BJ to handle GSP decisively and that didn't work out to well but I just can't see Kenny beating BJ. Where is he better? conditioning probably......that's it, right?
7/31/09 1:55:51PM
WAR KenFlo.

Prove the world wrong!
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