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POLL: Florian vs. Huerta
Florian TKO 25% (12)
Florian SUB 21% (10)
Florian Decision 8% (4)
Huerta TKO 27% (13)
Huerta SUB 0% (0)
Huerta decision 19% (9)
4/28/08 7:06:10PM
who do you like in this obvious number one contender battle.

I like florian and here's why. While i think huerta is better in every aspect but jiu jitsu, i think florian is the more composed and calculated fighter. huerta gets a little sloppy at times and i think kenny will make him pay for it, he subs huerta in the third.
4/28/08 7:14:17PM
I heart Florian

But in the end really don't care who wins I really like both fighters = winner is #1 contender in my book
4/28/08 7:24:01PM
Florian is technically sound all the way around in jiu jitsu.But i think florian is just way to slow for huerta and he'll take him in the transitions or just catch kenflo at the right time and TKO
4/28/08 7:30:42PM
Simple, if Huerta can get away from Florians guard he is the winner. If Florian is able to get Huerta indide his guard he may be able to cut Huerta.

Striking- Huerta
Wrestling- Huerta
BJJ- Florian
Control and experiance- Florian

I think Huerta wins the decision. He earns an early to middle knockdown and is stuck in Florians guard.

4/28/08 7:39:51PM
i think this is probably the hardest fight ive had to predict. i think its split down the middle and will come down to who ever wants it more.
4/28/08 7:53:15PM
Florian by Stoppage
4/28/08 8:09:01PM
huerta by easy tko
4/28/08 8:13:07PM
Huerta 152nds into 1st round KO
4/28/08 9:13:56PM
Looking forward to this fight, very good match-making by Joe Silva..

Im picking Huerta to win, he is my favorite LW fighter however Florian is very likable as well..

Despite Huerta being my fav. LW fighter he is a little too wreckless, he puts on a great show and always likes to bang it out for the fans but I just see Florian taking him down at will here and eventually catching him in a sub or cutting him apart with those nasty elbows..

My best is on Florian but my heart is on Huerta.
4/28/08 9:20:21PM
huerta is just to good in wrestling for kenny
4/28/08 9:26:49PM
Florian tko.

I think the only advantages huerta has are stregnth and wrestling, which where the same advantages lauzon had, who kenny was able to beat, and sherk had, who kenny was beaten by. So i do give huerta a decent chance, but i just think kenny has the tools to put him away. Huertas striking isnt that great, and while i feel kennys striking is over rated, i still think he has the edge. He definatly has the edge in cardio, people like to rave about huertas conditioning but ive noticed he does tend to gass out, he just happens to beable to fight well tired ala forrest griffin. Ive never seen kenny gas though, He went 5 rounds with sherk and 2 very fast paced rounds with lauzon at alltitude and still looked fresh.

I see a very fast paced 2 rounds with kenny winning the striking and huerta getting takedowns leading to some good scrambles on the ground, then when huertas a little tired in the 3rd kenny with capitalize and get a tko stoppage.

Just my opinion of course, flame away huerta bandwagon.
4/28/08 10:27:21PM
Wow look at how tight the poll is..... The fans are divided
4/29/08 12:34:13AM

Posted by number0

Florian is technically sound all the way around in jiu jitsu.But i think florian is just way to slow for huerta and he'll take him in the transitions or just catch kenflo at the right time and TKO

Did you see how fast Florian was against Lauzon? He never gets tired either not sure why you think he's slow.


Huerta 152nds into 1st round KO

Don't see why you think Huerta is that good. Clay Guida is a cardio machine and fairly fast and in fact he is basically a worse version of Florian. Huerta barely beat Guida so explain how it will be so easy for this one?

I honestly have no idea who will win this fight so I'm picking Huerta because I like him . Split right down the middle.
4/29/08 12:54:30AM
this is going to be a great fast paced fight. Huerta has the wrestling so he will dictate where this fight goes whether he keeps it standing or takes it to the ground. i see him looking to trade with Kenny, taking him down for points working some GnP and avoiding the sub. i just feel Huerta is much stronger than Kenny and it will be his strength and explosiveness that win this for him. either Huerta by UD or 2nd (T)KO. Kenny's chin hasn't been tested imo and i think Huerta will be the one to do it.

EDIT: i was reading some posts that i had only skimmed and i would like to say that to compare Joe Lauzon's strength and wrestling to Huerta is a mistake. Huerta has better wrestling and strength then J-Lau and i see him overwhelming Kenny a bit, not to the degree that Sherk did, but still controlling.
4/29/08 12:57:40AM
Florian was GNP'd by Diego...I say it's time for another!
4/29/08 5:15:56AM

Posted by jae_1833

Florian was GNP'd by Diego...I say it's time for another!

Florian was gnp'd by a guy weighing 185 pounds when he could barley make 175. Not sure how that fight matters in regards to this one at all.

Also, i wasnt really comparing lauzons wrestling to huertas, i was just saying kennys been in there with stronger wrestlers before and hung around or managed a win.
4/29/08 9:04:00AM
Florian by sub. I think Huerta's going to find that Kenny is a lot better than any opponent he's faced in the UFC; even better than Guida. Florian's been on fire for his last several fights. I don't see Huerta putting that fire out unless he tries to keep it standing the entire time....THEN he might be able to do something.
4/29/08 12:11:21PM
i cant see the results bc i honestly have no idea on this one. i can see this fight ending so many ways it hurts my head to try & pick only one. i'll post again once i decide
4/29/08 1:52:29PM
Huerta by TKO i think.
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