Fletcher: I would like to fight Ricci

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1/9/13 8:11:58PM
In MMA Mental's interview with Colin ' The Freakshow' Fletcher we asked him who he would like to fight next. He said he was happy to face who ever the UFC placed in front og him but if he could choose and opponent he thinks TUF 16 runner up would be a good match up for him.

1/9/13 8:32:27PM
Sounds good to me
1/9/13 9:41:31PM
I think ricci would own him
1/9/13 11:25:53PM
I dont care who they give him, I just wanna see him back in the cage
1/10/13 12:35:14AM
why not, neither guy has accomplished much in the octagon. they are to new to have any impact on their weight classes. i think they should put this fight together, probably a solid fight for the prelims.
1/10/13 5:16:50AM
why the fuck not
1/10/13 7:06:08AM
Unless Freskshow catches Ricci with something I see him getting beat in a similar fashion to the way Stormin Norman beat him. I just think Ricci is to well rounded for the Freakshow to handle.
1/10/13 12:40:53PM

Posted by prozacnation1978

I think ricci would own him

I agree with prozac