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2/19/09 9:47:56AM
Like the title said, im in the need of a flat screen computer monitor. Something under $200. Problem is I really dont know much about them and just something with a good clear picture would do as I only use the computer for internet and such. If anyone could tell me what to look for or has a suggestion on type or brand feel free to let me know.

Edit: Forgot to mention my harddrive is a Compaq Would I have to get a Compaq Monitor or would most brands be compatable?
2/19/09 9:53:28AM
I buy a lot of my computer stuff through here- http://www.pricewatch.com/public/

It's a site that monitors netwide prices on computer stuff, and you can find some awesome deals there. Just be careful to read and make sure you're not getting some refurbed POS and that you're buying from a trusted seller
2/19/09 9:57:03AM
To be honest, $200 is borderline cheapest you'll pay for such a monitor, the cheapest such monitors I've seen around my area is $150. The main thing to look for is to be sure it's compatible with your PC, mainly check if the inputs are USB or the other type (I forget what it's called, but it's that huge funky plug).
2/19/09 10:01:01AM
Here is a 19" LG from Dell's website for $130. If you apply coupon code ?7TLRMKB7R26VT, you'll get it for $100.

Edit: if you currently have a CRT, this is perfect since it has a D-sub 15 connector, which is the standard for CRT's.
2/19/09 10:11:24AM
2/19/09 10:12:15AM
2/19/09 12:56:52PM
If you want a larger monitor than 19", here is a 22" HP for $179 w/ free shipping. It has both 15 pin and HDMI inputs.
2/19/09 10:27:04PM
its not the best but it works and looks great.. i got my 22 acer on sale at staples a little while back for something like 180 pluse tax..also if circut city is near buy you , this week is thier final week in buissness.. you can prob pick a great deal thier.... good luck
2/20/09 9:03:33AM
<-- has the 22" HP and loves it
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