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11/4/07 11:23:25PM
I belive that to fix the MW div there needs to be 4 top tier guys added to it:
1. Dan Henderson...offer him more $ or something!
2. Paulo Filho...bring him up from the WEC since Zuffa owns both.
3. Matt Lindland...make up to make the fights happen.
4. Robbie Lawler...dudes been ruling in the other orgs, buy him out.

I think they should have a HW Grand Prix in the next few (3) months to settle who deserves the belt. Possible fighters:
Tim (unfortunately) Silvia
Big Nog...regardless of the Hearing fight
Brandon Vera...still a game opponent
Arvloski...where has he been anyways
Werdum...more than qualified
Kongo...on a win streak
CroCop....always deserves a shot
Gonzaga...underated if you ask me

What do you all think?
11/4/07 11:45:45PM
In a perfect world, yes that would be nice. Unfortunately there are several more factors that come into play.
11/5/07 1:28:17AM
You could always offer contracts to the loser of the Benji Radach/Matt Horwich or at worse, sign Beauparlant, or Foster..

Probably won't happen, but unless they actually do an all middleweight TUF they'll always be screwed..

It also doesn't help that no one currently on the middleweight roster can beat Silva, and the closest person on the MW roster who can is Franklin, and he beats all the potential challengers before they even reach Silva. I'm worried that when you add in Henderson, Lindland, Filho, and Lawler that they'll all get beaten by either Franklin or Silva, and then it'll continue to be a one, two division.. At best they can look forward to in this situation is that some of them might beat Franklin to take the number two spot, but I don't think any of them can beat Silva.
11/5/07 8:02:12AM
Wow, this seems eerily similar to a post that I had about the UFC Heavyweight division about a week ago. It's a good idea, but you can't really have a Grand Prix in the UFC. The days of big, 8-man tourneys are over. They can do a "GrandPrix" behind the scenes, like having it play out over a year, but they can't go public with it.

Plus, I don't think that they can sign all three of those guys at the same time. Hendo can drop down, and they can move up Filho, but I doubt they'll get the other two guys anytime soon.
11/5/07 9:23:51AM
I think we're all in agreement about the Middleweight division. About once a week we get a new post declaring that the UFC should get Henderson, Lindland, Kang, Filho, Trigg, Frank Shamrock, or the Easter Bunny to fight 185. Been there, done that.

As for the Heavyweight division, I don't entirely agree or disagree.

While I'd love to see all sorts of tournaments featuring UFC fighters, I don't think it should be for the belt. I liked that Pride kept the two "tracks" separate.

I agree with your (unwritten) assertion that none of the current Heavyweights has exactly earned a title shot. I think Kongo, Nogueira, Arlovski and Sylvia could be worthy, with another decent win apiece. However, I think it would be unfair to give those four guys the same shot as Vera, Gonzaga, Werdum, and Cro Cop. In a sense, you'd be forgiving those last four guys their recent losses. Tim Sylvia just beat Vera, and Kongo beat Cro Cop. That shouldn't count for nothing.

So if Couture is done, I'd say make Kongo, Nog, AA, and Big Tim a "mini-tourney" for the belt. I'd match up Kongo vs. Arlovski and Nogueira vs. Sylvia. The winner of those fights would then have 3 consecutive victories (except for Sylvia, who would only have 2), which I think is a deserving number for a title shot.

Posted by ohiostate1016

[...]you can't really have a Grand Prix in the UFC.

Just to clarify, you're correct, in the sense that Dana White has said that he doesn't like tournaments, and won't promote one, but there's no reason the UFC couldn't do a tournament.
11/5/07 10:24:32AM
I would like to see Hendo drop down to MW its more his weight he can take a punch who knows maybe he could beat silva, and if they got Lindlan back that would be good if they could get past whatever problems they had, i believe he might stand a good chance against anderson as matt is a bigger guy and a great wrestler and well travis lutter had a little success against silva in their fight using ground tactics and matt is much better than lutter. As far as trigg he will never come back into the octagon ever dana white hates him. Dana white wouldnt even have trigg be a commentator on a sister show that Zuffa owned. Filho would be a good fighter to bring up to the ufc but im not sure he would be able to beat silva and Robbie Lawler looks pretty contempt where he is at the moment even though i would like to see him come back to the ufc i dont see it happening any time soon.
11/5/07 7:20:03PM
Good point on the mini-tourney Achilles, they do have losses and that needs to count. I know that Lawler is pretty happy being a dual champ and all but all he really has out there is Frank Shamrock. There may just be a little mass hysteria about Silva right now too, I may be just buying into that. Damn, he does look dominant though doesn't he!!!
11/5/07 7:50:44PM
Henderson & Fhilo would be bad match ups for Anderson. Fhilo switched camps to so this could happen.

The HW division ain't that ba dits just down right now because Randy is crying that a WHOLE night about him before 74 ain't enough respect. Enough about Big Nog having a bad fight at 73. Give Herring some freakin credit. Nog has laready subbed this dude twice and proved he's better. Give some damn credit to Herring for learning how not to get subbed...

Big Nog is the best HW in the world right now IMO and I think Hendo/Fhilo/Anderson need to fight it out for the best MW ever....
11/5/07 8:04:01PM
main thing i want is robbie lawler back, i'm a massive fan of him and he looked really impressive against ninja
11/5/07 8:49:06PM

Posted by xchickox

main thing i want is robbie lawler back, i'm a massive fan of him and he looked really impressive against ninja

EXACTLY!!! Robbie is fav. 185 fighter!! WAR ROBBIE!!!
11/5/07 9:04:48PM

Posted by NatedawgThaM

Posted by xchickox

main thing i want is robbie lawler back, i'm a massive fan of him and he looked really impressive against ninja

EXACTLY!!! Robbie is fav. 185 fighter!! WAR ROBBIE!!!

i agree he is a great fighter but...he did get KTFO by a LW, even though it was diaz, i just don't think he can beat silva. i only see hendo beating anderson even though i still would like to see robbie back in top form just to stir things up.
11/6/07 1:09:28AM
I don't think that Robbie would be a champion (at least not for long) but I would like to see him back in the UFC. He has a way of making guys fight....if you don't he will KO that ass!!
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