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3/19/07 2:25:11PM
Sean Sherk is one of only five world champions in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). He might be the only champ who hasn't realized -- and doesn't want to -- the belt is his.

3/19/07 2:39:12PM

ā€œIā€™m used to grabbing on to guys that are twice my size. I grabbed on to Kenny at 155 and I knew it was going to be my new home. I told them I would drop to 155 if I had the right reason. They offered me a title shot and here I am.ā€

Grabbed onto Kenny? Questionable statement but a good article none the less. Except for them Callin Tim Sylvia, Tim Silvia. hmmmmmm. odd.
3/20/07 2:00:48AM
Sherk won't be the most exciting champion in UFC history but I think he would be able to duplicate his performance against Kenny with most lightweights in the world.
3/20/07 3:58:47PM
Penn for the belt!

He would make Sean 'The Muscle Shark' Sherk his pet goldfish!
3/21/07 12:10:43PM
Man, if Penn wants that title he could take it. Can't wait until he drops down again.
3/21/07 12:23:37PM
ya i think he is going to take jens out. and then after that he will get his fight with sean. i like bj as a fighter but he is to small for 170 and needs to stay down at 155. not many ppl can hang with him down there. but sean is one that i think can hang and it could be a good fight with sean taking bj down or bj being able to stop the shot and bang him up maybe sub him out if it hits the mat.but i am looking forword for the next few months should be alot of mma, with alot of it being free.
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