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12/19/07 3:31:58AM
No particular order as they come

Diaz vs. Lawler
GSP vs. Hughes 2
Davis vs. Taylor
L'Oiseau vs. Tanner
Sylvia vs. Arlovski 2
Leben vs. Martin
A. Silva vs. Marquardt/Leben/Franklin 2
Hughes vs. Trigg 2

12/19/07 7:20:00PM
forrest vs. bonnar
royce's rein of terror especially vs. kimo
randy couture vs. sylvia/gonzaga
matt hughes vs. frank trigg 2
karo vs. diaz/deigo deigo vs diaz
12/24/07 10:03:56AM
Tyson Griffin - Clay Guida
Gonzaga -Cro cop
Anderson -Rich 2
GSP - Hughes 2
Couture -Belfort 3

yeah my choices are sadistic so what
12/25/07 3:11:14AM
These are my favs:

1.Renato "Babalu" Sobral vs David Heath
2.Jeff Monson vs Brandon Lee Hinkle
3.Frank Mir vs Pete Williams
4.Randy Couture vs Mike van Arsdale
5.Terry Martin vs James Irvin
12/25/07 5:32:30AM
all awesome fights, what about Cabbage smacking Tank and AA smashing Cabbage.. luv the Cabbage..
12/31/07 9:08:09PM
Haha Cabbage may have smashed Tank in the UFC but Tank smashed him in the rematch. I'd never seen Cabbage go down from 1 punch before that fight.
12/31/07 9:16:48PM
Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva is F*cking # ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best fight I have ever seen, it could have just been the hype and the wait that got me pumped and it lasted the whole fight but what a war!!!!! Chuck and Wandy has too be in there somewhere!!!
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