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10/18/11 6:56:29PM
Arghhhh Fitness test tomorrow for my police sciences university course

This includes a bleep/shuttle run test

Have to get level 5.4 (should be okay touch wood)

A push and pull machine got to average 42kg on both

and have to pass a BMI test

Arghhh just thought I'd get it off my chest.
10/18/11 10:41:28PM
unless you're built like a 12 year old I think you should do just fine.
10/18/11 10:45:47PM
You will be fine, Jjeans. Just don't tense up. Relaxation is better for running. The other strength tests - well, you will just have to muster up and do the weights.

Good luck tomorrow.
10/19/11 11:06:15AM
Told you there was no need to worry, you did fine the first time last year. As it happens you did very well. Unlike myself, who just about passed everything
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