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12/22/08 2:56:54PM
I'm usually not one to complain about what fights are on the main card but i think this is bullshit, fitch and gono is a much better fight than stephan bonnar vs. jon jones, fitch really does get no respect.
12/22/08 3:05:22PM
I was surprised as well. Main eventer to undercard fighter with no transition period at all. I think Fitch vs Gono is easily as interesting ,if not more, than Bonnar vs Jones and Parysian vs Long Dong Kim (couln't throw Diaz vs Guida in there cuz I can't wait to see that fight).
12/22/08 3:06:57PM
I was just saying the exact same thing to my friend 5 minutes ago, i wasn't a big fan of Fitch before the GSP fight but now man i have some much respect for him. I think its total bullshit that he is stuck on the undercard probably has something to do with the game "sign your life away" contract that he needed to sign.

12/22/08 3:16:46PM
I'm also not usually concerned with which fights make the main card or not but this is very surprising. Fitch has become a very well known fighter after the GSP fight and i would have expected the UFC to be marketing him more. Lately it would seem they have been making some odd choices with the main card fights.

I suppose this could be an attack on Fitch for the incident with the UFC although i highly doubt it.
12/22/08 3:25:08PM
Still lots of time for it to be changed yet. This fight is worthy of a co main event imo, or at least 3rd from last....
12/22/08 3:33:43PM
I like Fitch and all but I think he loses, Gono is slick on the ground and I would give him an advantage standing. Close fight thought, hope we get to see this.
12/22/08 3:38:54PM
were did you see this?....some places they have it listed on the main card and others dont.....i agree tho, this fight should be on the maincard
12/22/08 3:47:41PM
It's tough to argue. Personally I would rather see the return of Stephan Bonnar. It's a stacked main card. The only fight I could see making way for Fitch vs Gono would be Karo vs Kim (which I also don't want to see relegated to the UC). I hope it stays the way it is.

That said Fitch should be a main card fighter. I'm surprised the UFC didn't schedule this fight for UFC 95's main card instead. It kind of would have been strange I guess to bring Gono back to the UK where he lost to Dan Hardy, to fight a top 5 WW.
12/22/08 5:29:19PM
Fitch is one of my fav fighters and im pretty pissed to see this but i'm guessing that the ufc is hoping for a quick knock out from someone that way they can show this fight on the PPV. They usually throw 1 or 2 on the undercard and i see this being one.

12/22/08 5:51:36PM
No respect at all. This is crazy. Its another case of a TUF alum making TV when more deserving fighters sit in the backseat. Another example is C.B Dollaway fighting above Okami/Lister. Just the way things work.
12/22/08 6:12:42PM
This sucks hardcore, but if Jon grins and bears it and gets a win like he usually does without a fuss, then he will be back as a contender once again.
12/22/08 9:43:13PM
I think that's more about Gono than Fitch. His fights are often really boring decisions.
12/23/08 12:41:47AM

Posted by wiggum

were did you see this?....some places they have it listed on the main card and others dont.....i agree tho, this fight should be on the maincard

It's listed on the undercard on

This is bollocks
12/23/08 12:46:18AM
12/23/08 3:05:53AM
i was in shock i think the bonner fight should be on prelims not fitch vs gono
i hope they change this
12/23/08 8:34:01AM
WTF? Fitch is far beyond undercard material. This is kind of like the WEC putting Razor Rob vs. Cerrone on the undercard. Sometimes this crap just doesn't make sense.

Not only that, but Fitch is one of the few guys that I really enjoy watching his walk to the cage, LOL.
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