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9/23/07 2:14:38AM
I don't know about you guys, but I thought Fitch won by UD. I could see maybe one of the rounds going to Diego, but not two! Anyways, I was wondering what everyone else thought about the fight. I thought Fitch looked really impressive and dominated most of the fight. I wish it was a UD, then I could get 4 more points to my pitiful score of 24. I still can't believe all the decisions, there were 6 right?
9/23/07 2:18:57AM
I completely agree. This match played out exactly how I thought it would in my head, all except for the split decision. I thought that decision was bullocks. Diego put in a fine performance, but I don't think he deserved a nod from any of the judges.
9/23/07 3:08:37AM
Fitch totally outclassed him , I had it 30 - 27 Fitch


9/23/07 3:26:13AM
theres one judge that seems to score things awfully. the same one that gave 2 rounds to liddel? the decisions used to be more predictable but the scoring is starting to scare me now, theres no way diego won even 1 round in that fight, he was dominated from start to finish.
9/23/07 4:28:59AM
Yeah, there is no way Diego got a split out of that. Fitch was just way to solid. He looks like a big time threat to whoever is holding the belt when he gets his much deserving title shot. He destroys Serra, beats Hughes, and gives GSP as good a fight as anyone. The more I think about it the more I can't stand how long we have to wait for Serra and Hughes to settle there little "who's the bigger ass hole" dispute. It's unfair to all the top guys in WW, and the fans.
9/23/07 4:31:35AM
I think it's GSP, Fitch, then Hughes. I just think GSP is so good at everything. But yeah it was garbage that it was a SD, easiest UD in a while.
9/23/07 8:56:45AM
I was shocked when 1 judge score it for Diego, I guess getting controlled and manhandled and then attepmting 2 submissions gets you a round? Ridicolous? The scoring system NEEDS to be changed
9/23/07 10:02:48AM
there were a couple close rounds, the judges may have given diego some points for his sub attempts, i dont agree but just a thought.
9/23/07 10:25:45AM
I gave the 1st round to the deigo because he came out and was aggressive as crap...but the 2nd round Fitch dominated...

that judge who gave him another round was either Cecil's Peoples


They probably gave him the 3rd because of the last minute when he was working on submission attempts, but he won the 3rd round too...
9/23/07 10:58:24AM
Fitch totally dominated 30-27 IMO
9/23/07 10:59:45AM
I personally though Fitch won rounds 1 & 2 and Sanchez won round 3. It was a close fight and the decision was no where as bad as some previous ones. I could see why Sanchez may have won that fight - he was aggressive and was always looking for a submission attempt, etc.

I would love to see GSP vs. Fitch, that would be an awesome fight. I think GSP would pull off an UD decision but it will be close. They both have very similar styles and the fight could go either way.

Striking - even
Wrestling - slight advantage to GSP (just because I believe GSP is stronger than Fitch)
Ground game - slight advantage to Fitch
Cardio - even
Experience - slight advantage to GSP
Intangibles - advantage to Fitch (he is on a 14-fight win streak)
9/23/07 11:13:10AM
A submission attempt that fails is the same as a take down without follow up action. Who cares about either.

Fitch won easily, 30-27.
9/23/07 11:23:41AM
Yahoo, after the fights has stats on the fight. Can only find Jardine/Lidell now but Diego only landed something like 18 punches in the fight and threw 30 something. 18 punches??

This is how you win Diego. Gotta throw to win the dough man.


Strikes Landed 82
Strikes Thrown 164
Connect percentage 50
Arm strikes 74/152
Leg strikes 8/12
Ground strikes 0/0
Takedowns 0
Submission attempts 0


Strikes Landed 111
Strikes Thrown 225
Connect percentage 49
Arm strikes 66/178
Leg strikes 45/47
Ground strikes 0/0

Takedowns 0
Submission attempts 0
9/23/07 11:58:55AM
fitch dominated, i was so scared they were going to give it to diego, cus they said "split decision" i was like NO WAY not another bisping/hamill fight please!!!
9/23/07 3:15:18PM
I think I saw it as a 29-28 for Fitch. I feel that Fitch easily took rounds 1&2. The reason I would give Diego round 3 is because I think he almost ended the fight twice with the guillotine and triangle choke.
9/23/07 3:24:24PM

Posted by wolfman
I thought Fitch looked really impressive and dominated most of the fight. I wish it was a UD, then I could get 4 more points to my pitiful score

Same here. I thought he won that fight in all rounds, maybe one going to Diego. I had Fitch/Decision/Unanimous too. It sucks because most fans know that it was an UD, but we're not going to get it changed.. The UFC needed it to be a Split Decision to keep Diego with some credibility.
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