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3/26/07 1:14:16PM
I had been hearing about the controversies in this fight for a long time and I finally got a chance to see the whole thing about a week ago. It was clear that Fitch's headbutt was the thing that knocked Joslin down (whether intentional or not) even though the announcers continually said it was a punch. The weird time-out by Fitch was also highly unusual and should not have been allowed. My question is.. at the end of the video I saw it said that Joslin had appealed to have the fight ruled a no contest so what ever happened with that? There seemed to be overwhelming evidence that the fight should have been ruled a no contest but it still shows up as a loss on Joslin's record. Anybody know what happened and why the decision wasn't changed? BTW I think both are great fighters and happy to see them in the UFC!
3/26/07 3:01:22PM
no clue. The stop was weird though. Fitch stopped the fight by asking the Ref is he could get his lip checked. Questionable yes. It did give him time to recover. He has shown that he is a good fighter though. Are we really gonna hold one mistake agasint him? If anything it shows he has matured. He hasnt been involved in any bullsh*t since and that is really the only black mark on his career.

While we are tlaking about Jon Fitch, does anyone know why his fight with Solomon was ruled a No Contest?
3/26/07 3:53:18PM
Oh yeah I definitely don't hold anything against Fitch I think hes a great fighter and he's one of my favorite welterweights. I hope the fight with him and Karo happens because it will not only be a great test for him but also an awesome match.

To answer your question about the Solomon fight I'm pretty sure that I heard Solomon kicked Fitch in the face while Fitch was still on his knees during the fight. If that is really what happened I'm not sure why it was ruled a no contest rather than a DQ though.
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