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11/20/08 10:45:02PM
according to

Fitch has talked to Lorenzo Fertita and signed a new contract and will sign video game deal. He will be leaving AKA and Management team. He is scheduled to fight Akihiro Gono at UFC 94.

11/20/08 10:57:04PM
thank god
i hope wellish is back as well
11/20/08 11:00:06PM
well ain't that good news
11/20/08 11:00:26PM
11/20/08 11:20:54PM
yeah I'm glad they sorted that shit out i kind of believe Dana, like why would he cut a good fighter that he likes, that just bad for the UFC and i think he was just making a point to the people that manage Fitch aka or whoever.

I don't know why there's a whole group of MMA fans that hate Dana white, now i'm not particularly for Dana white or a Dana "nut hugger" i don't know the guy personally obviously, and he seems pretty arrogant, but just looking at what hes been apart of with the lorenzo, and frank fertita(spelling?) and how MMA popularity has exploded since TUF in the last couple of years, its obvious hes a big reason why MMA is blossoming in the US so for that i like him and you know what if the guy wants to swear and say F**K every second word i don't really see why there's a problem with that I'm glad he doesnt care about swearing and saying everything socially acceptable, that's how I am aswell.

Basically what I'm saying is MMA fans that watch UFC and say that they hate Dana are full of shit cause their kind of like biting the hand that feeds them.

So if you hate Dana that's fine just don't watch any UFC, stick to your Principal's and have some honor to back what you say up.
11/21/08 6:07:53AM
Please keep all this in the sticky thread at the top of the forum for now, we're trying to keep all these related items in one place to keep it organized.

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