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7/30/08 12:33:32PM
Just wondering if there's any MN fisherman out there???

More specifically some who have fished Rainy Lake and could give me some tips...

We're staying at a place in Black Bay (which I heard was good for Crappie and Smallies)... Never been upi there so don't really know what to excpect...

Just looking for a little good advice... Thanks in advance for any help
7/30/08 8:00:04PM
Fisherman, but not MN.
7/30/08 8:33:28PM
I fished up there years ago when I was a kid....

from what I remember all we needed was a hook, worm, and can of W-D40
7/30/08 8:37:59PM

Posted by casey64

Fisherman, but not MN.

7/30/08 10:36:37PM
Co fisherman just came back from my fav spot Twin Lakes,Co right at the base of Mt. Elbert
7/31/08 12:47:05AM
Just fished Kabetogama which is a few miles south of rainy lake. Did well trolling with fatheads in about 19 feet of water. We were using plain pink colored jigs. If you haven't been up there before it is beautiful country.