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9/13/07 11:29:16AM
So far this seems to be the best match up they have at 78. Spencer is phenominal on his feet but if anyone has seen Edgar versus Tyson Grif., you can see how Edgars ground game is progressing. I watched him resist the sickest knee bar i've seen and ended up winning. I'm sure there will be a couple of other great fights on the card, but do you think having this fight as the the first annnounced fight is a good idea from a marketing perspective? The fight is in New Jersey. Does anyone know of any Jersey based or born fighters that they could be settig up a match for?
I just saw this was posted on the 7th, so sorry about the double posting, but I think this is a valid discussion.
9/13/07 11:44:34AM
Honestly? No one gives a shit?
9/13/07 11:54:45AM
The first announced fight will without a doubt be either Penn vs Sherk(unlikely to happen) or Penn vs Stevenson for the LW belt(more likely to happen). From a marketing perspective this is what makes the most sense as Penn is obviously the most popular fighter expected to show for this card. Penn will be the main draw as this will sell a lot more PPV's than Edgar-Fisher.

I do think however that this fight should be the co-main event as it is almost a sure bet to be fight of the night. I'm fairly confident that most would agree with me in saying that there is almost a guarantee that some crazy s*** is going to happen in this fight.

Finally I believe it should be the co-main event because to answer your question, I'm pretty sure that Edgar is either from the NJ area or he lives and trains there. One of the two for sure anyway. As a matter of fact I remember reading an article that said that the promoters of the NJ card were actually asking the UFC for Edgar to be on the card due to his NJ ties.(sorry can't find link). They could also take fighters that train and live in NY such as the fighters at Renzo's gym. There are several gyms in NY and it is not that long of a commute for people from NY to go to Jersey for the event.
9/13/07 12:02:28PM
I agree about Penn fighting Joe daddy. I thik that would be the best possibility but i think that it is goin gto depend on the outcome of sherks appeal. If it has been dealt with, thenm i apologize that i'm not backing the fact. I could see penn winning the interim title and if they strip Sherk, them unifying and fighting for the undisputed belt. Daddy may not be up for a title shot yet, but at the same time, there isn't really anyone left he can fight that would be taking a step foreward. GG should be on track to fight as will nog. This would be a nice addition to the card, but i do hope we see nog before that.
9/13/07 12:16:28PM
GG vs Nog would be a great addition to that card. I would love to see that fight. I wouldn't mind seeing Arlovski brought back,(what the hell have they being waiting for) to fight Nog though.

Also, I just read that apparently is reporting that Ortiz will fight Evans on that card! If this happens, that fight will without a doubt be the main event.
9/13/07 1:10:04PM
Im excited to see Joe Lauson fight at 78....... BJ Penn vs. Sherk/Stevenson for LW title has to be the main event.

Like to see Arlovski fight again

Also like to see Karo fight on this card.
9/13/07 8:04:35PM
this card needs another fight or two to really make it a good card. Lauzon will be a prelim fight. fisher edgar is phenomenal and early fave for fight of the night, ortiz evans should be a close one again and bj vs. whoever will be good. aa vs. big nog maybe? that would make it a great card. btw ill take aa by ko.
9/15/07 1:20:29PM
anyone else see Fisher/Edgar being fight of the night material?
9/15/07 1:32:35PM
Edgar by UD!
9/15/07 3:00:51PM
While Fisher is good...there is something about him that makes me see him as a permenant B level fighter. There is nothing wrong with that, but when I see Edgar I see potential superstardom so I would have to say Edgar needs this win to get on a track to moving up towards a title shot.

As far as fight of the night goes...if Penn vs Stevenson goes down I think that will be the fight of the night, because I think Penn is gonna come out and show Stevenson a few Ju Jitsu tricks of his own and get Stevenson to tap.
9/15/07 9:01:21PM

Posted by kevinbeek

anyone else see Fisher/Edgar being fight of the night material?

Absolutely. One of the fights I most look forward to.
9/15/07 9:06:28PM

That will be a war...

but Fisher-Edgar will be a fast paced all out war!

Edgar by UD because it will be a war stand up and Edgar using his wrestling will give him major points but this could be fight of the year! So far to me Griffin-Edgar is winning the poll for fight of the year so far...
9/15/07 10:16:24PM
I like Edgar in this fight i dont know if im alone here or not but he is way too good on the floor IMO. Spencer is decent on the ground but what I saw out of Frankie in the Griffin fight he's on a different level then Spencer on the ground. Should be an amazing fight though cant wait to see this one.
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