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8/31/12 1:20:38PM

First Trailer for THE ICEMAN Starring Michael Shannon

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The first trailer for the thriller The Iceman has been released. The film chronicles the life of Richard Kuklinski, a professional hitman who kept his work secret from his family. The contract killer received the nickname “The Iceman” because he froze the bodies of his victims in order to disguise their time of death and throw the authorities off track.

The film looks to have some great scenes between Shannon and Ray Liotta. Moreover, Chris Evans is nearly unrecognizable in dirty long hair as Kuklinski’s mentor. James Franco was originally slated to play that role before Evans took over, but it appears that Franco is still in the film as a supporting character.

Directed by Ariel Vromen, the film also stars Winona Ryder, David Schwimmer, Robert Davi, Erin Cummings, McKaley Miller and Stephen Dorff. The Iceman recently premiered at the Venice Film Festival and is slated to play at the Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals.

8/31/12 1:21:44PM
Read his book, really interesting in a sick crazy way. Watched his HBO specials and gotta say he lies about a bunch of shit though.
8/31/12 1:57:44PM
I also read the book a while back. I love reading True Crime, and it was definitely interesting.
His HBO interviews are pretty interesting in a sick way as well.
Looks like one bad ass cast. Ray Liotta as Roy DeMeo should be good.
8/31/12 2:18:25PM
I saw the HBO specials as well. Crazy mofo. Never read any of the books about him though.
8/31/12 2:19:25PM
Thought this was a Chuck Liddel film for a sec
8/31/12 4:37:14PM
Shannon is terrific in 'BUG' and 'Boardwalk Empire'
8/31/12 6:52:20PM
I definitly read this as "starring Michael Bisping", looked at the beard, got very confused, and then realized I'm an idiot...
8/31/12 9:11:48PM
kuklisnki's interviews are pretty cool....michael shannon needed to add about 100 more pounds to his body weight though.
8/31/12 11:31:11PM
Perfect actor to portray him
9/1/12 1:15:12AM
this movie looks awesome. let all be honest, having a secret life as a hit-man does sound intriguing.