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10/1/07 6:25:45PM

Hey guys! I am a frequent poster on Sherdog and that site can get bad within a second, so I just figured I'd try here since I already have a betters account or whatever it's called.

I'm a Sylvia fan too and I seem to take alot of crap from people on Sherdog for it. Hopefully it's different here but for some reason I doubt it.

Anyway, I'm not a noob to MMA but I am to this forum so don't flame me too hard.

10/1/07 7:35:32PM
Welcome to the Playground.
Can't help you on the Silvia thing though, good luck with that.
10/1/07 8:18:50PM
Welcome. Enjoy the site.
10/2/07 3:10:45PM
Welcome aboard. I'm not too fond of big Tim, but I really respect what he has been able to do so far in the sport.
10/15/07 4:57:55PM
10/15/07 6:12:35PM
why hello. not really a silvia fan but i will admit he can rock some face.
10/17/07 8:03:25AM

Posted by iblouieb


I am a frequent poster on Sherdog

I'm a Sylvia fan too

Then you are used to rough stuff huh. Sylvia is loathed there.
I think he will do good against Vera though. Even though im betting against him.
welcome to the site.
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