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4/19/08 5:23:53PM
What is your first mma fight you have see in your life.
4/19/08 5:28:19PM
me it was UCC 10 Gsp vs Brukmann

Gsp win by armbar
4/19/08 5:28:46PM
severn vs. shamrock 2, i rented on vhs when i was about 12.

nice avatar btw, im a bruins fan but i still think komisarek is an animal, hopefully the b's can send it to game 7, just like the habs did in 04
4/19/08 5:32:52PM
the habs gone a be victorious tonight but thanks for the words
4/19/08 5:34:43PM
Cro-cop vs. Fedor
4/19/08 5:51:53PM
i started out watchin k1 only, being a huge andy hug fan, after his death, K-1 held an event dedicated to him, called K-1 - Andy Hug Memorial, which Cro cop was making his MMA debut against Fujita, that was the first time i had watched MMA, than i followed cro cop when he went into Pride, and as they ay the rest is history
4/19/08 6:04:23PM
I can't remember the first fight that I ever saw but I remember which fight I saw that made me want to fight. wanderlei silva vs. rampage 1
4/19/08 6:14:08PM
I'd been watching MMA for a while, but for some reason when I saw Trigg vs. Hughes 2 the entire game changed for me. It was like all of the sudden the drama of it all made sense, and it was no longer about two guys fighting and making a purse. All of the sudden I wanted to know the fighters and every little detail behind the fights.

As for the first fight I remember seeing I think it was the one where Tank cleaned "what'shisface's" clock up against the fence
4/19/08 6:58:50PM
i cant remember the first fight i saw, but the first UFC fight i saw was Forrest griffin vs. stephaen bonnar 1, maybe thats why i'm addicted
4/19/08 7:00:14PM
The first fight I saw was when Tank Abbot beat Norman Padilla at UFC 17 by Submission.
4/19/08 9:38:01PM
Rich franklin vs evan tanner 1
4/20/08 12:03:01AM
1992 Pancrase. Couldn't tell you who it was.
4/20/08 3:14:35AM
My bro hired UFC 1 from the video shop when i was like 8 or 9, my mum didnt want me to watch it but i snuck in from time to time and watched it then. I remember i was shocked by it because i hadnt seen a real fight before lol. Then it faded for me abit when pokemon and that shit came out. Dont really remember how i got into again but ive been a fan for about 4 or 5 years now. Its my biggest interest apart from maybe AFL, but it would be close to choose one over the other.
4/20/08 4:40:03AM
UFC 1. My dad rented it from Old Town Video and I've been hooked ever since.
4/20/08 4:23:03PM
The first event I watched from beginning to end was a rented UFC 6 where Oleg beat down Tank Abbott. Great fight.
4/20/08 4:52:19PM
Pat Miletich vs Dan Severn
4/20/08 5:01:46PM
UFC 58 Sam Stout vs Spencer Fisher
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