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8/19/07 2:55:20AM
I'm just really dissappointed by how the Athletic commission chose to handle this bout, didn't even look like a shooto event to be honest. (Probably because the shooto judges and referees were barred from having anything to do with the event, and it seems like they just did everything they could to make this fail) Call me,a delusional fanboy but the whole thing stank to me, especially how they robbed Tenkei Fujimiya after he outstruck and outworked Bao Qauch the entire fight. Hopefully they will have better luck promoting the next event, and will be able to get actual Shooto representatives over to give the American MMA fans a taste of what the worlds first MMA style fight promotion is all about. Though next time they will probably have to be willing to throw a lot more money around to have it ran and organized the way they would like to.

One last side note, Am I the only person that gets annoyed when shooto tries to push these young fighters just because they look tough and have an attitude? Respect to Akiyo "Wicky Nishimura for getting in the ring and competing but a Mamouru Yamaguchi, BJ Kojimia, or Lion Takeshi he is not. IMO, until the guy steps it up and looks as impressive at the A class level as he did as a rookie they should stop pushing him so hard.
8/19/07 7:44:57AM
Didn't some judge give Bao Quach 30-27?? According to the play-by-plays I've read that really sounds like madness.

I wanna see the fight but if it's as big of a robbery that it sounds like, I'm truly disappointed. I really hope they bring more Shooto to the US.
8/19/07 8:55:18AM
Yeah, he did, and even though Tenkei clearly won the fight even he didn't earn a 30-27 score. Bao Quach won the first round handily and even though Tenkei controlled about 75% of the fight Bao was a game opponent and had his spots throughout the fight where he landed well and got in good shots. They really needed more of a shooto presence at the card and I hope they find a way to work through the red tape and get the usual referees and judges over here next time and just put on something that looks and feels like a real Shooto Japan event.
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